2023 MILA Product Catalog



Needle-Free Connectors


Stasis Valve (Neutral Displacement Injection Port)

• Helps to maintain catheter patency by preventing blood reflux and associated clotting at the catheter tip when a syringe or line is disconnected. • Clear, closed, NEEDLE-FREE valve with a swabable top for easy disinfecting. • NO CLAMPING REQUIRED to control valve -induced reflux. • HEPARIN NOT REQUIRED. Saline flush option reduces risk, cost and time associated with heparin use. • Use in place of a three-way stopcock on chest tubes.

Flat access port with slit septum is an easy to clean, smooth, swabable surface that serves as an infection control barrier.

Luer accepts BOTH luer lock and luer slip; DOES NOT permit needles.

Straight internal fluid pathway minimizes reflux and priming volume with low dead space. Also allows for successful blood removal when flushing. Silicone valve absorbs and compensates for the pressure changes inside the catheter when connecting or disconnecting from a luer, preventing the reflux of blood into the catheter.

Transparent housing allows for visualization of residue after medication and flush.

Reduce catheter associated infections Reduce catheter occlusions Reduce dependency on sharps Reduce cost

Item numbers that include this feature: 8518M, 8530M, 8550M, 8570M, 8572M, 8573M, 8574M, 8575M, 8576M, 8577M, 8584M, 8585M, 8587M, 8590M and 8590MS. Stasis valve is included on many extension sets (listed below) and can also be purchased separately (Item #8200 on page 21). Cap with 8099 on page 21.

Normally Closed Valve


• Luer activated valve is needle-free and bi-directional for infusion and sampling. • Cap with 8090 or 8099. See page 21.

• Clear, closed needle-free port • Approved for saline flush. Heparin not required.

Normally Closed Valve can also be purchased separately (Item #8095 on page 21).

MicroClave® can also be purchased separately (Item #8098 on page 21).

Item numbers that include this feature: 8518, 8570, 8572, 8575, 8585, 8590 and 8590S.

Item numbers that include this feature: MC40, MC43 and MC44.

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