2021 MILA Product Catalog



Aspiration Needle System for FLUID

• D esigned to provide intraosseous access and quality fluid aspirates. • T riple sharpened tip to allow a non-traumatic, fast penetration into the bone marrow cavity. • A djustable depth guard to help control depth during needle insertion. • L uer lock connection for syringe. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 18Ga x 2cm (.78in) - Pink BMAN18 $22.00 15Ga x 3cm (1.25in) - Blue BMAN15 $22.00



Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle System for SOLIDS

• D esigned to provide quality biopsies by capturing and retaining the bone marrow in the needle WITHOUT ALTERING THE SAMPLE. • S ystem includes Jamshidi style biopsy needle, obturator pushing rod, probe guide and luer lock cap. • N eedle point allows for easy penetration into the marrow cavity. • M arked obturator rod indicates length of specimen prior to extraction and can be used to expel specimen from the extraction cannula. • L uer lock connection for syringe. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 13Ga x 10cm (4in) - Blue BMAN13 $28.00 11Ga x 10cm (4in) -White BMAN11 $28.00 8Ga x 10cm (4in) - Green BMAN8 $28.00

N E W ★

Soft Tissue Biopsy Needle

•  Echogenic tip for accurate placement under ultrasound guidance. • C entimeter markings facilitate precise depth placement. • S pecimen depth notch is adjustable to 15mm or 22mm. • C an be safely positioned in the lesion before the spring loaded cutting cannula is deployed. • S pring activated single-hand operation for soft tissue core biopsy collection. • P recision cutting helps preserve cellular architecture for more accurate diagnosis. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 16Ga x 8cm (3in) BN1608 $27.00 16Ga x 15cm (6in) BN1615 $27.00 14Ga x 8cm (3in) BN1408 $27.00 14Ga x 15cm (6in) BN1415 $27.00


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