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Foley Catheters with Wire Stylet in a Procedure Kit

Foley Catheters with Wire Stylet

•  Kit includes radiopaque silicone foley catheter, wire stylet, suture wing, suture pack, female luer lock christmas tree, needle-free cap, lubricating gel packet, gauze and syringe. • W ater activated lubricant on inside of sizes 5, 6 and 8 facilitates wire removal. • Balloon cuff retains catheter in the bladder. • T he stylet provides rigidity to save time and reduce the risk of trauma. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 4Fr x30cm(12in)with1ccballoon– NEW UC412 $37.00 5Fr x30cm(12in)with1ccballoon UC512 $37.00 5Fr x55cm(21in)with1ccballoon UC521 $37.00 6Fr x30cm(12in)with1.5ccballoon,suturewing UC612 $37.00 6Fr x60cm(24in)with1.5ccballoon,suturewing UC624 $37.00 6Fr x90cm(36in)with1.5ccballoon,suturewing UC636 $37.00 8Fr x30cm(12in)with3ccballoon,suturewing UC812 $37.00 8Fr x60cm(24in)with3ccballoon,suturewing UC824 $37.00 8Fr x90cm(36in)with3ccballoon,suturewing UC836 $37.00 10Fr x30cm(12in)with5ccballoon,suturewing UC1012 $37.00 10Fr x45cm(18in)with5ccballoon,suturewing UC1018 $37.00 10Fr x90cm(36in)with5ccballoon,suturewing UC1036 $37.00

• R adiopaque silicone foley catheter with wire stylet , suture wing, female luer lock christmas tree and needle-free cap. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 12Fr x30cm(12in)with10ccballoon UC1212 $35.00 12Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1221 $35.00 14Fr x23cm(9in)with10ccballoon UC1409 $35.00 14Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1421 $35.00 16Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1621 $35.00 16Fr x63.5cm(25in)with20ccballoon UC1625 $35.00 18Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1821 $35.00 20Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2021 $35.00 22Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2221 $35.00 24Fr x42cm(16in)with30ccballoon UC2416 $52.00 24Fr x150cm(59in)with30ccballoon UC2459 $52.00 Ideal forMARES Ideal for STALLIONS

Foley Catheters without Wire Stylet

• R adiopaque silicone catheter only, no stylet . Includes suture wing, female luer lock christmas tree and needle-free cap. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 12Fr x30cm(12in)with10ccballoon UC1212C $25.00 12Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1221C $25.00 14Fr x23cm(9in)with10ccballoon UC1409C $25.00 14Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1421C $25.00 16Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1621C $25.00 16Fr x63.5cm(25in)with20ccballoon UC1625C $25.00 18Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1821C $25.00 20Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2021C $25.00 22Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2221C $25.00 24Fr x42cm(16in)with30ccballoon UC2416C $37.00 24Fr x150cm(59in)with30ccballoon UC2459C $37.00 Ideal forMARES Ideal for STALLIONS

Foal/Horse Foley Catheters and Foal Urine Collection Kit 8Fr to 24Fr foley catheters (on this page) recommended for Foals/Horses. Customizable Foal Urine Collection Kit on page 27.


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