2023 MILA Product Catalog


VetJet™ Instructions for Use:

Remove protective cap from drug vial and place vial on a firm, non-skid surface. Peel open pouch containing the vial adapter. Holding vial adapter housing, place over the drug vial and firmly press down to puncture the septum. The adapter will snap over the vial cap and lock in place.



Peel open pouch containing the syringe and atomizer. Attach the syringe tip to the vial adapter thread by turning clockwise.


Turn the vial upside down and slowly pull back on the syringe plunger to fill syringe with medication. Pull to desired amount by reading the volume markings on the syringe barrel.


Detach the syringe from the vial adapter by turning counter-clockwise.


Attach the syringe to the atomizer thread by turning clockwise.


Insert cone of the atomizer into the patient's naris and administer drug by slowly pushing down on the syringe plunger until all of the drug is out of the syringe.

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