2023 MILA Product Catalog


Jejunal Tubes (J thru G)

Mic-Key™ Low Profile Gastrostomy Device

Use with MILA Guardian™ to reduce risk of infection. See page 59 for details.

For SURGICALLY PLACED J-tubes, refer to STERILE Nasogastric Feeding Tubes on pages 52-54. • The tubes listed below must be placed through either a 16Fr or 20Fr MILA PEG tube (on previous page). • Continuous nutritional support via a jejunal tube positioned in duodenum or jejunum. • Sealed Twoomey adapter permits evacuation of stomach from side port and placement of J-tube through top port and locks the J tube in place. No up/down slippage or leakage. • Grip tip on tube for grasping with endoscope. • Color coded purple luer lock to indicate for enteral nutrition only. • All sizes have an ENFit™ connection on the proximal end. Two ENFit™ syringes are included. DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 6Fr x 90cm (36in) - Order PEG16 or PGS16 J636 $70.00 8Fr x 90cm (36in) - Order PEG20 or PGS20 J836 $70.00 10Fr x 90cm (36in) - Order PEG20 or PGS20 J1036 $70.00

• Unique balloon style cuff enables insertion and

removal without trauma after the stoma is formed. • Kit includes patient care kit with 6cc & 35cc syringes, right angle feeding set, bolus feeding set and caregiver guide. • Available in 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr and 24Fr diameters. Many lengths from 0.8cm up to 5.0cm. Length is measured from the proximal side of the balloon to the skin surface. Scan the QR code to see all available sizes. • Special order item, allow additional time for delivery. DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE Mic-Key™ - specify Fr size and length Mic-Key $152.35 Stoma Measuring Device M5555 $10.55 24in Right Angle Feeding Set - 5 pack RFS24 $57.85 Bolus Feeding Set - 5 pack BFS12 $55.00 Gastrostomy Catheter • Surgically placed open-ended silicone G tube with 20cc retention balloon, radiopaque stripe, fixation ring, Y-Port and clamp included. Item #CYTB sold separately. • Ideal for J through G catheterization. DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 20Fr x 25cm (10in), fits up to a 10Fr G tube CYGA20 $25.25 24Fr x 25cm (10in), fits up to a 12Fr G tube CYGA24 $25.25 28Fr x 25cm (10in), fits up to a 14Fr G tube CYGA28 $25.25 Tuohy Borst Adapter for Large Bore Catheters CYTB $21.05

Grip Tip

Short Tip

Use with Item #CYTB to prevent the backflow of fluid around the catheter or instrument inserted through the gastrostomy tube.

Adapter connects to MILA G tube and allows passage of a MILA nasogastric tube or jejunal tube.


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