2021 MILA Product Catalog



Jackson Pratt Drain with Trocar

Spiral Drain with Trocar

• Silicone radiopaque drain with full perforations. • L ength of drain area = 20cm (8in), overall length 80cm (32in). • Can trim both ends. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 4.5mmwith 8Fr (2.7mm) trocar JP4 $10.00 7mmwith 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar JP7 $10.00 10mmwith 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar JP10 $10.00 13mmwith 16Fr (5.3mm) trocar JP13 $10.00 Select a suction grenade to complete the CLOSED system.

• Silicone. • Radiopaque, round, spiral fluted drain. • Spiral design allows greater drainage area. • L ength of spiral area = 30cm (12in), overall length 90cm (36in). • Can trim both ends. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 7Fr (2.7mm) drain with 8Fr (2.7mm) trocar SP07 $13.00 10Fr (3.7mm) drain with 11Fr (3.7mm) trocar SP10 $13.00 12Fr (4.0mm) drain with 12Fr (4.0mm) trocar SP12 $13.00 15Fr (5.0mm) drain with 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar SP15 $13.00 19Fr (6.3mm) drain with 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar SP19 $13.00 Select a suction grenade to complete the CLOSED system.

Grenade – Continuous Suction for Drains

• C losed system for fluid collection. • A ttach to all drains - Blake, Jackson Pratt and Spiral.

Push on Cap (G400 only)

Luer Lock Cap

• L uer lock cap for secure closure and syringe emptying on the 100, 150 and 200cc. 400cc has a push on cap. • L ow pressure design provides continuous gentle suction and minimizes tissue trauma. • Volume markings provide easy measurement. • Internal anti-reflux valve to help prevent backflow of fluid to the patient. • Metal clip for secure attachment.

Luer Lock



PRICE $15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $20.00

100cc suction bulbw/one-way valve 150cc suction bulbw/one-way valve 200cc suction bulbw/one-way valve 400cc suction bulbw/one-way valve

G100 G150 G200 G400


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