2023 MILA Product Catalog



NG Plus Feeding Tube with Flushing Stylet

• Use for gastric decompression and enteral feeding and surgically placed jejunal tubes (see STERILE items listed below). • Round, soft, atraumatic closed tip with side holes. • Flushing stylet pre-loaded in every tube to facilitate insertion and designed to allow easy wire removal in tight turns. • Stylet allows the user to reliably test for negative pressure after tube placement and before stylet removal. • Dual port designed for catheter-tip, luer-lock and luer slip syringes. No adapter required! • Superior kink resistance. • Non-irritating, LOW FRICTION, clear radiopaque polyurethane with purple stripe, depth markings and two suture wings to secure the tube in place. • PURPLE is the recognized SAFETY color code for FEEDING. DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 5Fr x 55cm (22in) STERILE NGP522S $19.00 5Fr x 90cm (36in) STERILE NGP536S $19.25 6Fr x 55cm (22in) NGP622 $15.75 6Fr x 55cm (22in) STERILE NGP622S $17.00 6Fr x 90cm (36in) NGP636 $16.00 8Fr x 90cm (36in) NGP836 $16.00 8Fr x 90cm (36in) STERILE NGP836S $17.25 8Fr x 108cm (43in) NGP843 $16.00 8Fr x 140cm (55in) NGP855 $16.25 10Fr x 90cm (36in) NGP1036 $17.50 10Fr x 90cm (36in) STERILE NGP1036S $18.75 10Fr x 108cm (43in) NGP1043 $18.50 10Fr x 140cm (55in) NGP1055 $17.75 10Fr x 180cm (71in) NGP1071 $18.00 12Fr x 108cm (43in) NGP1243 $18.00

Hub accepts luer slip

Superior Kink Resistance

Flushing Stylet

Hub accepts luer lock

WEIGHTED NG PLUS Feeding Tube with Flushing Stylet Weighted NG Plus Feeding tubes have all of the same features as non-weighted tubes but with tungsten beads in the distal tip. DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 6Fr x 55cm (22in) - 1 Gram weight NGP622W $19.25 8Fr x 108cm (43in) - 3 Gram weight NGP843W $19.00 10Fr x 90cm (36in) - 3 Gram weight NGP1036W $25.25 10Fr x 108cm (43in) - 3 Gram weight NGP1043W $26.50 12Fr x 108cm (43in) - 3 Gram weight NGP1243W $27.00

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