2023 MILA Product Catalog


Feeding Tube Extension Set

UV-Blocking Extension Sets and Medication Bag Covers

• Amber tubing provides protection for light sensitive liquid medications, reducing the risk of molecule crystallization and photo-degradation. • Mini-bore UV Blocking extension set with female luer, clamp and rotating male luer lock. • Set can connect to MILA Nasogastric tube for medication delivered enterally. • Use with bag cover, item #UVB-B, for complete protection of light-sensitive liquid medications. Includes 10 bag covers.

• Color-coded purple for safety, to indicate feeding. • Male luer fits the port of all MILA yellow and purple NG Tubes.

• Priming volume is 9.4ml. • Total length is 152cm/60in.



Large Bore Feeding Tube Extension Set with Rotating Male Luer Lock, Clamp and Female Luer. Priming Volume = 9.4ml 13Ga x152cm (60in)

FTE60 $3.05



Mini Bore UV Blocking Extension Set with Female Luer, C lamp, Rotating Male Luer Lock 23Ga x 25cm (10in), Priming Volume = 0.2ml UVB10 $4.05 23Ga x 152cm (60in), Priming Volume = 0.65ml UVB60 $4.55 1000ml UV Blocking Medication Bag Covers (10 pack) UVB-B $12.05

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