2021 MILA Product Catalog



Tracheal Wash & Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL) – Large Animal

Catheter-over-needle insertion method through the skin into the trachea. The semi-rigid flushing catheter has a stylet and luer adapter. The flushing catheter is packaged in a protective sleeve to allow handling without a glove. Transtracheal Technique: Large Dogs, Neonate Foals, Horses

Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL)

• Open-end, silicone, heavy wall, radiopaque catheter for the lavage of selected lung segments using the nasotracheal approach. • Distal balloon can be inflated to prevent retrograde fluid flow around the tube. Fill according to clinic protocol. • Proximal two-way fitting allows simultaneous connection for both irrigation and aspiration. One stopcock included. • Reuse of silicone tube requires sterilization and replacing stopcock.

Introducer for TW1228

Introducer for TW1628

10 Gauge Steel Introducer with Sheath

14 Gauge Catheter-Over-Needle

Flushing/Sampling Catheter



HORSES/FOALS - 12Ga x 70cm (28in) flushing catheter with 10Ga introducer NEONATE FOALS/LARGEDOGS - 16Ga x 70cm (28in) flushing catheter with 14Ga introducer.

TW1228 $32.00

BAL240 / BAL300

TW1628 $24.00

Cytobrush: Small and Large Animal

Cytobrush collects tissue samples from the bronchi and/ or upper/lower gastrointestinal tracts for the diagnosis of suspected pathology in the airway. • T ube within a tube design. The outer tube has a water soluble glycol plug in the distal end to protect the inner lumen brush from contamination as it travels through the endoscope channel. When the sample site is reached, the forward motion of the inner tube safely expels the plug and deploys the brush. After sample collection, the brush is retracted into the outer tube and removed from the scope channel. • S heathed catheter with plug for sample protection is 1.8mm x 180cm. •1 0mm bristled brush with outside diameter of 2mm and radiopaque distal end cap. • H andle with ring provides easy deployment and retraction of brush. DESCRIPTION SCOPE CHANNEL SIZE ITEM# PRICE 1.8mmx 180cm (72in) 2.0mm CYT180 $13.50




ITEM# PRICE BAL240 $74.00 BAL300 $74.00 2400 $36.00

10mmOD, 2.5mmID, 240cm (96in) 10mmOD, 2.5mmID, 300cm (120in) Replacement Stopcock (10 pack)


Controlled Flushing Set - to administer flush aloquots froma bag rather thanmultiple syringes. - see page 72

CFS36 $15.00


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