2023 MILA Product Catalog



Percutaneous Balloon Catheter Kit for Gastrostomy

Ideal for GOATS

• Introduction uses Seldinger technique and peel-away dilator sheath. • Open-ended silicone catheter with 20cc retention balloon, centimeter markings and radiopaque stripe. • 20Fr x 25cm (10in) catheter with Y-port and fixation ring. • Short catheter tip design reduces the risk of gastric mucosa irritation. • Large funnel Y-port with tethered caps. • Adjustable fixation ring prevents catheter migration. • Kit includes drape, scalpel, catheter-over-needle introducers, 12Fr dilator, 24Fr dilator with peel-away sheath, catheter with clamp, gauze, suture and syringe.



Esophagostomy Feeding Tubes – Silicone

• Radiopaque, silicone material. • Open end with two side holes.

• Female luer lock adapter with tethered cap. • Suture wing included on all sizes except 30Fr. DESCRIPTION ITEM #

PRICE $19.05 $19.05 $19.05 $19.05 $24.05

12Fr x 38cm (15in) 14Fr x 38cm (15in) 20Fr x 38cm (15in) 20Fr x 55cm (22in) 30Fr x 55cm (22in)

SE1215 SE1415 SE2015 SE2022 SE3022

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