2023 MILA Product Catalog



Long Term Polyurethane Catheter Kits

Single Lumen Catheters - Available with integrated or separate extension tubes. The 14Ga catheters have a side and distal exit port. Multi-Lumen Catheters - Each lumen has separate exit points spaced along the length of the catheter.

INDICATIONS: The Long Term MILACATHâ„¢ is indicated for venous administration of drugs or fluids, blood sampling, TPN and central venous blood pressure monitoring. The catheter is non-kinking and non-thrombogenic. RECOMMENDED INDWELL TIME: Up to 30 days. SELECT FROM THE FEATURES BELOW TO DETERMINE WHICH KIT IS NEEDED ON PAGES 8-13: 1) Insertion Technique - Guidewire Introduction or Peel-Away Introduction. 2) Animal Size - Large Animal/Equine or Small Animal/ Dogs and Cats. 3) Number of Lumens and Length - Single, Double, Triple or Quadruple Lumens at various lengths. 4) Catheter Type - Standard or Antimicrobial. 5) Preferred Extensions - Integrated Extension Lines or Separate Extension Lines. See pages 8-13 for a list of pieces included in the kits.

Double Lumen

Triple Lumen




Quadruple Lumen

Single Lumen

Single Lumen with separate extension line Single Lumen with integrated extension line, ANTIMICROBIAL

Single Lumen with integrated extension line

Double Lumen with integrated extension line

Triple Lumen with integrated extension line

Quadruple Lumen with integrated extension line

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