2021 MILA Product Catalog




Simple and Economical. The MILA CHEMO Safety System is designed to fully protect veterinary healthcare personnel from exposure to hazardous drugs. The system allows for safe handling of hazardous injectable drugs while optimizing safety, simplicity and the cost of care. The use of a closed system transfer device in conjunction with other safety precautions is a proven way to increase safety levels when preparing, transporting, administering and disposing of hazardous drugs.

Closed Male Luer Valve


• Needle-free luer locks to any luer syringe to control exposure during drug transport. • Drip free disconnection. • Passive safety system that locks and closes the fluid path upon disconnection. • Simple permanent locking feature prevents disconnection and reduces exposure. • 0 .06ml priming volume. • S ingle Use. • Item #12-007, $3.25 each

EZ Fill - Syringe to Syringe Transfer Device Item #12-006, $5.00 each

Closed Valve Three-Way Stopcock Item #12-055, $6.25 each

Administration Sets • U niversal spike, 224cm (88in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, one injection site located 11 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 25.6ml, 10 drops/ml. Item #175250, $3.50 each • U niversal spike, 261cm (103in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, two injection sites located 9 inches and 87 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 28ml,10 drops/ml. Item #175255, $4.00 each

Closed Female Luer Valve

• N eedle-free female luer connects onto any needle or catheter. Designed to reduce exposure after drug infusion. • D rip free disconnection. • 0 .06ml priming volume. • S ingle Use. • I tem #12-004, $1.75 each

Infusion Access Device Spike with Closed Female Luer

• U se with standard IV bags, glass bottles and other rigid containers. • IV spike with closed female luer for adding chemo drugs to bag or bottle. • D rip free disconnection. • S ingle Use. • I tem #12-008, $3.50 each


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