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Guidewire Inserted Chest Tube Procedure Kit

• Place using local anesthetic and sedation. • Single lumen, radiopaque, polyurethane catheter with multiple fenestrations. • Use for pyothorax, hemothorax, pneumothorax, emergency peritoneal lavage or pericardial drain. • Insertion is the Seldinger catheter-over-guidewire technique. • Stasis valve prevents air from entering chest eliminating the need for a three-way stopcock. • Additional suture wing for secure length adjustment and attachment. • Multiple drainage holes.

CT1404 - 4cm fenestrations

CT1410 - 8cm fenestrations

CT1206 - 6cm fenestrations

CT1210 - 15cm fenestrations

CT12FR16 - 16cm fenestrations

See MILA website for link to YouTube video.

14Ga fenestrated up to 4cm or 8cm mark. 12Ga fenestrated up to 6cm or 15cm mark. 12Fr fenestrated up to 16cm mark.

• 12Ga and 14Ga catheter kits include introducer catheters, guidewire, dilator, chest tube catheter, suture wings, stasis valve and cap. 12Fr catheter kit includes a scalpel, introducer catheter, guidewire, dilator, chest tube catheter with pre-loaded stiffening stylet, suture wing, 3-0 suture, stasis valve, cap, drape and gauze. DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 14Ga x 20cm (8in) Fenestrated up to 4cm, 5 side holes CT1404 $32.05 14Ga x 20cm (8in) Fenestrated up to 8cm, 7 side holes CT1410 $32.05 12Ga x 20cm (8in) Fenestrated up to 6cm, 7 side holes CT1206 $33.05 12Ga x 30cm (12in) Fenestrated up to 15cm, 14 side holes CT1210 $33.05 12Fr x 30cm (12in) Fenestrated up to 16cm, 16 side holes CT12Fr16 $42.05

Kit Pieces for CT1404, CT1410, CT1206, CT1210

Kit Pieces for CT12Fr16 Kit

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