2023 MILA Product Catalog


Chest Tube Suction Bulb with 360º Spinning Luer Lock Adapter

• 360°spinning luer lock adapter for secure attachment to MILA Guidewire Chest Tube. Resists twisting and kinking of the catheter during movement. Avoids accidental unscrewing. • Continuous gentle suction. • Add female luer lock barbed adapter (Item #2350) for use with chest tubes that have a flared proximal end (other manufacturers). • Internal anti-reflux valve to prevent backflow of fluid to the patient. • Volume markings provide easy measurement. DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 100cc suction bulb CG100 $18.05 150cc suction bulb CG150 $18.05 200cc suction bulb CG200 $18.05 400cc suction bulb CG400 $22.05 Female luer lock barbed adapter accepts 20-40Fr tube. Each individually packed and sterile 2350 $21.05 (10 pack)

Luer Lock with 360º Spinner

Tethered Cap*

Securement Clip

* Item number CG400 has a push-on cap.

When the stasis valve is connected to the chest tube extension, the suction bulb can be safely removed without compromising the chest tube because the stasis valve is designed to remain closed until activated by a male luer, eliminating the need for a 3-way stopcock. NOTE: To reduce the risk of contamination, do not reconnect the suction bulb if it becomes disconnected. If the stasis valve is disconnected from the chest tube extension, immediately clamp the extension and replace it with a new (sterile) stasis valve (Item #8200 on page 21). All MILA guidewire chest tube kits include a stasis valve.

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