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Non-Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes

• Silicone material - MRI compatible • Radiopaque • Stylet included • Sterile • Reusable (Ethylene Oxide sterilization recommended)



PRICE $15.05 $15.05

1.0mm ID x 9.5cm tube with wire stylet 1.5mm ID x 10cm tube with wire stylet

Proximal fitting accepts a 15mm adapter.

Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes • Silicone material - MRI compatible • Sterile • Reusable (Ethylene Oxide sterilization recommended) ETC20


ITEM # ETC20 ETC755 ETC855 ETC955

PRICE $30.05 $13.05 $13.05 $14.05 $19.05 $24.05 $27.05

2.0mm ID, 4.0mm OD - 12Fr x 14cm (5.5in) 7.0mm ID, 10.0mm OD - 30Fr x 55cm (22.5in) 8.0mm ID, 11.3mm OD - 34Fr x 55cm (22.5in) 9.0mm ID, 12.7mm OD - 38Fr x 55cm (22.5in)

10.0mm ID, 14.0mm OD - 42Fr x 55cm (22.5in) ETC1055 11.0mm ID, 15.7mm OD - 47Fr x 55cm (22.5in) ETC1155 12.0mm ID, 17.0mm OD - 51Fr x 55cm (22.5in) ETC1255

ETC755 - ETC1255

Double Swivel Endotracheal Tube Connector with Capped Port, 15mm

Multi-axial rotation allows for patient adjustment and manipulation with reduced risk of ET tube movement while maintaining ventilation. • Integrated access port facilitates bronchoscopy, BAL and suction without circuit disconnection. • Maintains seal around scope during bronchoscopy procedure. Seal accepts bronchoscope diameters from 3.4 to 5.9mm. • 360º Double Swivel Feature: Both the male and female 15mm connectors allow greater patient maneuverability between endotracheal tube and anesthesia circuit. ITEM #SC15MM $7.45

Port for Bronchoscope

Connect to Anesthesia Circuit

Connect to Endotracheal Tube

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