2021 MILA Product Catalog


Equine Guarded Pharyngeal Swab Kit

Equine Castration Drape

• For collection of a sterile sample. • A n inert capsule protects the inner tube while advancing through the nostril. • Tube within a tube style. • Outer tube has a smooth, atraumatic distal end. • A fter advancing, the capsule is pushed out by the inner tube and dissolves. • Swab area for sample, then retract inner tube into the outer tube before withdrawing all from the nostril.

Drape size 150cm (60in) x 90cm (36in). Clear film with 20cm (8in) x 15cm (6in) adhesive fenestration and adhesive strips . •  Adhesive strips make this drape ideal for field use and many types of procedures. • Adhesive aperture. • Sterile, impervious translucent film. • Provides superb translucent protection with optimal drapeability. • Helps maintain patient temperature.

• Kit includes swab, gloves and scissors. • Length=62.5cm(25in) OD=23Fr ITEM#5240



150cm (60in)


20cm (8in)

Gray areas represent adhesive strips.


Flushing Wye Set for Large Chest Tubes

Flush large chest tubes with this large bore (6.35mm ID) wye set. ITEM#CTF6





Arm 1 - 152cm (60in) with spike and clamp Arm 2 - to patient tube, 90cm (36in) with clamp Arm 3 - to drain bucket, 122cm (48in) with clamp


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