2023 MILA Product Catalog


Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes with Malleable Stylet

• Reinforced with embedded wire coils to provide safe, NON-KINKING airway regardless of patient position. • Constructed of medical grade, non-toxic PVC material for easier placement. • Malleable stylet included for increased rigidity and variable shape. • Latex free • High volume, low pressure cuff • Radiopaque • Fully transparent • Atraumatic bevel tip with lateral Murphy eye • 15mm connector included DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 2.5mm ID, 4.5mm OD - 13Fr x 19.5cm (7.6in) ETC25R $18.95 3.0mm ID, 5.0mm OD - 15Fr x 20.5cm (8.1in) ETC30R $18.95 3.5mm ID, 5.7mm OD - 17Fr x 22cm (8.7in) ETC35R $18.95 4.0mm ID, 6.1mm OD - 18Fr x 23.5cm (9.3in) ETC40R $18.95 4.5mm ID, 6.7mm OD - 20Fr x 24.5cm (9.6in) ETC45R $18.95 5.0mm ID, 7.4mm OD - 22Fr x 26cm (10.2in) ETC50R $18.95 5.5mm ID, 7.9mm OD - 24Fr x 27.5cm (10.8in) ETC55R $18.95 6.0mm ID, 8.5mm OD - 25Fr x 30cm (11.8in) ETC60R $18.95 6.5mm ID, 9.1mm OD - 27Fr x 31cm (12.2in) ETC65R $18.95 7.0mm ID, 9.5mm OD - 28Fr x 32cm (12.6in) ETC70R $18.95 7.5mm ID, 10.2mm OD - 31Fr x 36cm (14.2in) ETC75R $18.95 8.0mm ID, 11.0mm OD - 33Fr x 36cm (14.2in) ETC80R $18.95 8.5mm ID, 11.7mm OD - 35Fr x 36cm (14.2in) ETC85R $18.95 9.0mm ID, 12.3mm OD - 37Fr x 36cm (14.2in) ETC90R $18.95 9.5mm ID, 13.0mm OD - 39Fr x 36cm (14.2in) ETC95R $18.95 10.0mm ID, 13.7mm OD - 41Fr x 36cm (14.2in) ETC100R $18.95

Airway/ET Tube Exchange Catheter

Great addition to your ventilator patient supplies.

• Intended for easier, atraumatic endotracheal tube exchange. • Useful for oxygenating during fluoroscopy. • 15mm adapter allows oxygen to be delivered temporarily. The adapter is removed in order to slide out the existing endotracheal tube and slide in the replacement tube. • Centimeter markings for alignment with endotracheal tube markings • Polished, atraumatic, open-ended catheter with side holes • NOT for ventilating the patient.



FITS ET TUBE SIZES: larger than 3.0mm OD larger than 4.0mm OD larger than 4.0mm OD larger than 6.0mm OD

PRICE $28.05 $28.05 $28.05 $28.05

8Fr x 80cm (32in) 10Fr x 80cm (32in)

ETE0880 ETE1080

10Fr x 150cm (60in) ETE10150

15Fr x 80cm (32in)


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