2023 MILA Product Catalog



Protect Veterinary Healthcare Personnel

Closed Medication System

Safe, Simple and Economical. The MILA Closed System Transfer Device is designed to fully protect veterinary healthcare personnel from exposure to hazardous drugs. The system is designed for safe handling of hazardous injectable drugs while optimizing safety, simplicity and the cost of care. The use of a closed system transfer device in conjunction with other safety precautions is the standard for preparing, transporting, administering and disposing of hazardous drugs.

The system includes a Closed Vial Access Adapter, Closed Male Luer Valve, Closed Female Luer Valve and Infusion Access Device Spike and meets the following standards: • US FDA 510(k) clearance under ONB Product Code (Closed System Transfer Devices) • Mechanically prohibits the release of drugs in vapor, aerosol or liquid form during preparation and administration. • Prevents the introduction of microbial and airborne contaminants into the drug or fluid path. • Substantiated to prevent microbial ingress for up to 7 days.

Closed Vial Access Adapter • Functions as a pressure equalization device, utilizing a sealed expansion chamber that establishes and maintains neutral pressure when air or diluent is injected into or aspirated from the vial. • Connects to 13mm and 20mm vials. Permanently locks on to the vial to prevent disconnection and reduces exposure. • Use any luer lock syringe to access the vial. No need to prime syringe with non-filtered air. • Drip free connection • Multi-use • 0.10ml priming volume

• Connects to any luer lock syringe. Permanently locks on to the syringe to prevent disconnection and reduces exposure. • Passive safety system that locks and closes the fluid path upon disconnection from vial adapter. • Drip free disconnection • Simple permanent locking feature prevents disconnection and reduces exposure. • 0.06ml priming volume • Single Use Closed Male Luer Valve Item #12-007

Closed Female Luer Valve

• Needle-free female luer connects onto any butterfly needle or catheter. Designed to reduce exposure after drug infusion.


Item #12-009, 13mm vial Item #12-010, 20mm vial

Item #12-004

• Drip free disconnection • 0.06ml priming volume • Single Use


Infusion Access Device Spike with Closed Female Luer

• Use with standard IV bags, glass bottles and other rigid containers. • IV spike with closed female luer for adding chemo drugs to bag or bottle • Drip free disconnection • Single Use


Item #12-008

Next generation product is yellow to indicate hazardous drugs combined with pending advanced efficacy claims in accordance to USP800.

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