2023 MILA Product Catalog


Elastomeric Pump

• 100ml fluid resevoir - Minimum fill volume = 15ml, Residual volume = 2ml • Four layers of latex for sturdiness • Recoil of balloon pushes fluid through tubing. • Two flow control tubes are included: • FCT12 (0.8ml/hr) is attached to pump. • FCT4 (2.5ml/hr) is included in package.

• Accuracy rate +/– 15% DESCRIPTION 10ml in 4 hours – 2.5ml/hour 10ml in 12 hours – 0.8ml/hour Elastomeric Pump


PRICE $39.95 $10.05 $12.15 $49.45

7100 FCT4


.2 micron filter (10 pack)


Instructions for use:

Eye medication solution:

Courtesy of Dr. Meghan Mendoza and Dr. Katie Hayes, Hayes Veterinary Services

Opthalmic Surgical Drape - Customizable

Olive Tip Needles

Quick and easy sterile field that stays in place without clamps.

LACRIMAL LAVAGE NEEDLE • Used to flush and lavage eyes and the lacrimal duct. • Stainless steel needle with small atraumatic olive tip. • Female luer designed to fit any syringe. • Reusable DESCRIPTION ITEM # PRICE 30Ga x 2.5cm (1.0in) OT3025 $16.00 23Ga x 2.0cm (0.75in) Stepped OT2320 $16.00 23Ga x 2.0cm (0.75in) Curved OTC2320 $16.00 23Ga x 3.0cm (1.25in) OT2330 $16.00 23Ga x 3.0cm (1.25in) Curved/Stepped OTC2330 $16.00

Use for maintaining a sterile field • Size 60cm x 60cm (24in x 24in) • Rectangle adhesive area in center - 12cm (5in) x 15cm (6in) • NO APERTURE. This allows the surgeon to customize the cut, as needed. • Superb translucent film, impervious to fluids • Optimal drapeability








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