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CPDA-1 Anticoagulant, 30mL N E W ★

• Small volume minimizes risk of contamination and waste • Each bag is foil pouched resulting in longer shelf life • Extends the shelf life of whole blood approximately 35 DAYS • Contains a port for needle-free access • Recommended volume ratios:

GREAT for feline blood donation collection!

7mL Blood : 1mL CPDA-1 53mL Blood : 7mL CPDA-1 • TWO options to draw from the bag: 1. Needle Injection Port



PRICE $9.00 $2.25

30mL CPDA-1 Anticoagulant

Needle-Free Spike


2. Spike Port (use with item #PIN3)

Needle Injection Port

• P reserve integrity and sterility of CPDA-1 in bag • S pike the bag only once for multiple withdrawals • NEEDLE-FREE, Swabable • Operate with any luer syringe


Spike Port

Each 100mL CPDA-1 contains: • Citric acid (anhydrous) 0.299g • Sodium citrate (dihydrate) 2.63g • M onobasic sodium phosphate (monohydrate) 0.222g • Dextrose (monohydrate) 3.19g • Adenine 0.275g • Water for injection to 100mL

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