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teachers, and ministers, both in the U.S. and abroad. Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je has one pur­ pose : to give every boy and girl what is needed to live for Christ today— spiritual teaching and counsel based upon the Word of God. These goals are expressed even in the name of the camp, taken from the words of the Christian song, “I ’d Rather Have Jesus.” The program of Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je is one of various types and ap­ proaches. The general camping fa­ cilities at the headquarters include cabins furnished with bunk beds and electricity. The campers enjoy the delicious food in family style served at the large dining hall. Well-or­ ganized recreation, craft work, and Bible classes round out this program. Each camper is given the opportuni­ ty to “ camp out” for one night dur­ ing his stay if he so desires. The cabins are governed by its members, guided by a dedicated counselor. A unique feature of Id-Ra-Ha-Je Y

EDUCATION FOR A CAREER IN NURSING Because BIOLA COLLEGE is convinced that there is need for more qualified Christian professional nurses, Biola is continuing to develop its pro­ gram in general college edu­ cation and nursing. This pro­ gram is five years in length. It will give ample opportunity for a thorough Christian edu­ cation, and at the same time offer a sound professional and academic education. The in­ struction will center in the College as well as our extend­ ed campus in State, County and Private hospitals. High School students con­ sidering careers in Nursing should be informed on the broad variety of programs in Nursing Education. BIOLA’S program is the basic or Gen­ eric BA CCAL AUREAT E PROGRAM IN NURSING. It is open to High School gradu­ ates who meet the College en­ trance requirements. This is a new program in BIOLA. It is to be implement­ ed in September o f 1966. Biola’s program has been ac­ cepted by the Board of Nurs­ ing Education and Nurse Reg­ istration of the State o f Cali­ fornia.

Classified Ads 15 CENTS PER WORD — MINIMUM $3.00 Bibles and Books Scofield Bible — Retail and Wholesale — All Editions — Fresh Stock — Gold Stamping — Thurrjb Index — Fowler's Christian Book Store/ 113 Main Street, Hamburg, New York 14075. RELIGIOUS BOOKS PURCHASED — Any size library. Send list, or write for details. Baker Book House, Dept. KB, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. RELIGIOUS BOOKS BOUGHT AND SOLD! Any book reviewed or advertised in KING'S BUSI­ NESS available from Kregel's Book Store, Dept. KB, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503. Bibles Rebound Write for illustrated price list from nation's largest Bible rebinding specialists. Work Guaran­ teed. Norris Bookbinding Co., 122 Stone, Green­ wood, Mississippi. Help Wanted Large Rescue Mission needs additional staff workers. Single or married. Board, room, compen­ sation. Write P.O. Box 202, Seattle 11, Wash. For Sale Insulated, well-built house in Mount Hermon. Close to center. One bedroom and rental apart­ ment (not rented). Deed to property. 45' x 150'. Grove of Redwoods. Price $11,500.00. Box 434, Mount Hermon, California. Mount Hermon homesite. Approximately 1/3 acre, sunny, slightly sloping. $7500 full price. Contact Larry Tong, P.O. Box 41, Mount Hermon, California 95041. f% CHRISTIAN L i n COUNSELING WM CENTER A staff of sixteen dedicated Christian psycho­ logists and professional counselors plus one full­ time medical doctor. Evaluation and therapy for personality, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, pre­ marriage, matriage, parent-child, vocational, and educational problems. Fees are minimum. DR. CLYDE M. NARRAMORE, Director PHONE MU 1-5669 THE CHRISTIAN COUNSELING CENTER 35 So. Raymond Pasadena, Calif. Reach Children! 6 pages — 3 colors HEART 1 50 fo r $1.00 TROUBLE 100 fo r $2.00 , , J postpaid a rac for l 100Q fof ^17 50 po,tp^d kB 0™ . . A.N P J C H U R C H P R E S S a lj,K L S Box 551 Glendale, Calif. 91209

Services conducted at the outdoor Chapel are a highlight in each camper’ s life. is its Tepee camping program en­ joyed Indian fashion. The campers live in tepees and cook their food in real Indian style. Indian customs and habits are studied along with the handcrafts and recreation which cen­ ter around the Indian way of life. As in all the programs, spiritual teaching and counsel based upon God’s Word is given supreme em­ phasis. The latest addition to the camp is the Green Meadow Lodge. Through the modern facilities of both central heating and plumbing, this lodge is a delightful camp spot for summer or winter. It accommodates approxi­ mately 60 people. Church groups and Sunday school activities are often held here, and inquiries are wel­ comed. For further information write: Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je, Pine, Colorado.

W R IT E T O D A Y : Department of Nursing BIOLA COLLEGE 13800 Biola Avenue

La Mirada, Calif., 90638 □ Please send me a catalog □ Please send me application forms. I would like to enroll for 19 ........... Name .......... --------- -------- Age ........ Address ............................................ City/State/Zip Code ........................

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