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Issue No 28 | NOVEMBER2010

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS ISSUE - Tanushree Saikia elaborates on the role of leaders in the new business paradigm - Smriti Sharma emphasizes on the importance of agile leadership as against leadership - Niket Karajagi shares the competencies required for becoming an agile leader - Rajat Gupta gives insights on ‘Developing Agile Leaders’, the workshop way THE EDITOR’S COLUMN Deeksha Jawa Deeksha Jawa, Head – Project Management, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is a post graduate in Management HR and Green Belt in Six Sigma with a background in Psychology. She has a passion for behavioural sciences and combines her knowledge of psychometric testing with her management expertise to manage projects end to end and design & develop workshops in order to meet the changing needs of businesses. Agility is the newmaster skill of leadership. Agile Leadership is an exceptional and extraordinarily significant competency to succeed in a world of brisk revolutions and increasing intricacies. This edition of Knowledge Beans focuses on the development of the necessary competencies of leadership necessary for becoming an agile leader. Agile Leadership guidelines: - Address culture and values foremost - Practices will generally follow - Work in ways that embrace change - Alter processes and methods to fit the project Characteristics of an Agile Leader: - Creates a safe environment and protects the team - Removes obstacles - Provides information rather than instructions - Coaches subordinates as against directing them EDITOR’S BEAN TIP

Tanushree Saikia

TRANSFORMING LEADERSHIP Tanushree Saikia has seven years of work experience most of which has been spent in the area of training and development. Her pertinent experience and skills are in the areas of behavioural trainings, ability tomanage training as a function, designing and developing e-learning content, delivering online trainings through virtual classroom tools and project management.

We have predominantly been a rule based society wherein we have pre defined procedures for connecting with God (called rituals), we are

conditioned to believe that a secure education and career path like engineering, medical, CA is the only way to success & happiness much before we even had an opportunity to explore our calling in life. Most of our working life too we spent with our managers who tell us what to do. But somewhere along the way new business paradigms have been forced to evolve due to the dynamics in world economy, shift in nation powers, information rich new age consumers and technology innovations which have fostered the culture of shortest TAT (turnaround time).

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- Asks as against telling - Allows the team to fail

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