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issue no 28 | November 2010

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5. Critical thinking: a. Logical goal setting and dealing with assumptions that may hamper accomplishment of goals b. Decision making only based on facts and figures and not allowing emotions to intervene If one loves control and has insecurity of becoming obsolete agile will fail. Agile leadership is easy provided the leader has established his own credibility in the organization and believes strongly in aiding and supporting performance. My experience is, agile is beautiful and effective. Choice of agile managers is crucial. Create the competency in managers before going agile.

2. People Leadership: a. Develop and deploy people strategically b. Focus on development of right competencies for projects success c. Create motivation through improved probability 3. Ownership & Accountability: a. Complete personal ownership for overall success b. Vision driven leadership for group ownership c. Being aware of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards expected 4. Innovation: a. Creative thinking for getting task done b. Focus on performance and process improvement at all times of success through directive and non-directive coaching

Leadership has undergone a big transformation with time. It has moved from the old concept of authoritarian leadership to emerging concept of agile leadership. The rapid changing work environment brings lots of ambiguity in the processes, marking the need of a leader who can act with agility in the tough times. The agile leadership workshop focuses on developing agile leadership traits in the employees for better & efficient management in the organization. The one day workshop starts with a group work where participants list down the characteristics of their favourite leader, to self-realize what is expected of them at leadership positions. Next through the simulation Pyramid Building, the participants learn the characteristics of agile leader and how agile leader sets world class processes for its team to deliver results. The workshop makes the participants conversant about how an agile leader shows his/her leadership qualities in different work environments through situational leadership model. The model shows the direction/path in which the participants should move in order to become what they ‘should be’ from what ‘they are’. Coaching is an important characteristic of an agile leader as people development is the top priority for any organization. The participants understand the exact meaning of coaching and how to use coaching conversation by learning about the six caps of coaching conversations. Multimedia tool Jamie’s Kitchen, helps in energizing and motivating the leaders in tough situations. Participants learn the art of taking and delivering feedback, important for realizing deviated behavior and DEVELOPING AGILE LEADERS THE WORKSHOP WAY Rajat Gupta BEAN STATEMENT "Empowerment is the only way out for developing superior performance.”

Rajat Gupta Senior Executive - Training, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is post graduate in Management HR and Masters in Labour Laws & Labour Welfare with a background in Business Administration. He loves to follow his passion for bringing a creative edge to the designing of training programmes. He also believes in the mantra of exploring through continuous learning.

fostering change in unaccepted behavior of team members. In the end, workshop helps the participants to understand the purpose and ingredients of effective performance management. Agile leadership and performance management are inseparable because a leader needs to act as a coach to improve effectiveness of the team and simultaneously ensure individual goals and expectations are met. Learning in the workshop is facilitated by simulations, multimedia tools, group work and facilitator’s input.

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