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I s Y our C hild B eing B ullied ? What You Can Do to Help them advice or question the way they handled the situation, but doing this can give your child the impression that it’s their own fault they are being bullied. Let them tell you the whole story, without judgment, and then help them come up with ideas on what to do next. being bullied, you should inform teachers as soon as possible. Apart from that, there are several ways you can help your child to deal with bullies, so talk to them about what approach they would be most comfortable with, such as de-escalation strategies or a buddy system with their friends. As with most conflicts, the sooner you handle the situation, the better. FINDING THE RIGHT SOLUTION Once you’ve been informed that your child is Today, William works side by side with Michael, Shelia, and the rest of our steadfast team. He specializes in family law, custody and visitation, child support, and estate planning. “I really enjoy what I do at the Manely Firm,” William says. “Family law can be a fairly difficult area to practice in because there’s so much emotion involved. Some days, that emotional strain can take its toll, but the reward of helping my clients and their families get some peace in their lives always trumps the tougher days.” During his free time, William enjoys watching baseball and playing golf. “I grew up with sports, and I still really enjoy getting involved when I can,” he says. However, for the past few months, most of his time has been devoted to preparing for his first child. “My wife and I have been really busy taking care of the baby. We’re expecting in November, and both of us are doing our best to make sure everything is ready for when the baby arrives.” On behalf of the entire Manely Law staff, we want to congratulate William on this wonderful new addition to the family!

A new school year is a prime opportunity for kids to make new friends among their classmates. Unfortunately, kids also form connections during the school year that aren’t always positive, and many children become the targets of school bullies. If you suspect your child is being bullied, there are a few things you can do to help. KNOWTHE SIGNS Kids usually don’t open up about being bullied right away. However, there are some common signs that your child is being harassed. Here are a few of them:

If they’re rushing to the bathroom after school, it may indicate that they’re being bullied in the bathroom, which is a common tactic bullies use to avoid teachers.

If their grades suddenly change, it may be the result of constant harassment.

Anxious or depressed moods can be the result of bullying as well.

W illiam C. K ing LISTEN When your child does open up, the best thing you can do is listen. It can be tempting to try to give Our team member highlight this month is featuring one of our amazing attorneys, William King. William has been with the firm since the early days when he helped his parents, Michael and Shelia, as a young boy. If you spot one or more of these signs, it’s time to talk to your child about what’s happening to them at school. At 12 years old, William would come into the office after school to shred papers and take out the trash. “That eventually worked into an internship when I entered high school,” he remembers. “I worked on the website, answered phones, set up events, and did a bit of looking into things when they needed me to. This was when we were way smaller than we are today.” Although it seemed like William was setting himself up early to pursue a career in law, his younger self didn’t want anything to do with becoming an attorney. “Growing up, I always swore I would never be an attorney. But, when I was done with undergrad, I grew up a little and realized I needed to know what to do with my life, and going down the path that would lead me to become an attorney was the most organic decision that fit my life perfectly.”

If they’re refusing to go to school or ride the bus, they may be dreading their bully.

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