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So, if you really want to love on them, take your dog for a walk or hang out with your cat in their sunny window perch. As for your cows and llamas, a carrot and a pat on the nose might be just the thing. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May you spend it with the pets (and people) you love. Thanks for being part of the Surface Creek Vet Center family!

should get their pets for Christmas. Just like with kids, your pets would rather have your time than any

purchased gift. Of course, they’ll get excited about a new bone or toy, but what they really want is for you to take them on a hike or to the park. They just want you to spend time with them. Often, people want to know what their pets are thinking. If your pets could talk to you (and they do; we just don’t always understand their language) they’d say, “Another walk, please — more belly scratches and sitting on your lap!” All a dog wants is another walk. Seriously, you can take them on two walks in the morning and they’d still be happy as can be with another walk (or two) later that day. We joke with our cat clients that all cats want is a warm, sunny window. It’s pretty true, though. As we sit here writing this, two cats are basking in the sun next to us. They’re fast asleep, paying no mind to what anyone else is doing. They’re warm and content. It’s easier to not put in the time, but as you get older, you realize you want to spend every minute you have doing something worthwhile. We want to spend the time we’ve been given being really good parents, people, and veterinarians.

A few years ago around this time, our kids asked us, “What can we get you for Christmas?” “Don’t buy us anything,” we told them. “Just give us a gift certificate for a family game night or plan a day in the park together.” Spending quality time together is more precious than anything that can be found at the store. Similarly, we do our best to give our kids quality time, too. Kids don’t want to watch TV with you — they want attention. With our 9-year- old, we make paper airplanes and fly them at the park. We might go on a cross-country ski trip for Christmas or take them biking during the summer. We try to do an activity like this together at least once a month.

Dr. Susie and Dr. Jeff

P.S. Pet photos with Santa is happening on Dec. 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.! We can’t wait to see you and your pets here.

This is the same advice we give to our patients’ owners when they ask what they


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