Smith Wallis & Scott December 2018

DEC 2018




like family here. The staff is always willing to help one another out. Even if someone needs assistance and it’s outside of my department, I’m always willing to lend a hand, and it goes both ways. We do our best to collaborate and support one another. I am lucky that landing this dream job turned out to be so simple. I had just moved to Carrollton from Florida, and the opportunity opened up at Smith, Wallis & Scott. I interviewed and have been part of the team ever since. Next year, it will be 12 years since I started working here, which is hard to believe, but I’m beyond grateful. Don’t get me wrong, Florida was a very nice place to live, but the area had gotten to the point where it was too busy, and there was more traffic than I wanted to handle. Living in Carrollton is just right for me. The move was a big change, but one that was definitely for the better. I like the close community and the slower pace of life. It’s totally relaxing, and I love it here. Of course, there are many things I miss about Florida, including the food and the close proximity to the beach. Most of all, I miss my son, Mike, who still lives in Miami. We try to see each other at least once a year. It’s hard with his work, but the effort is worth it. My move to Georgia brought me closer to other loved ones, specifically my daughter Krystal and her daughter. Most of my time outside of work is spent with my granddaughter. I go to their house just about every day, and I love spending time with her. She’s 1 year and 4 months old, and she has just started walking and trying to say words. Being in her presence is just the best and most relaxing thing. I like to think of it as good therapy.

As the medical coordinator for the workers’ compensation department at Smith, Wallis & Scott, I make sure that our clients’ appointments and the medical aspects of their cases are taken care of. My role involves a lot of communication between medical providers, insurance companies, and our clients. I work to keep our clients informed of the medical aspects of their cases and make sure they know where things are in the process. I want to let our clients know we’re doing everything possible to help them. This is what I love about my job: I love working with clients and making sure their needs are met. I especially enjoy assisting those who are hurt and connecting them with the treatment they need. Mainly, I like to know that I’m helping in my role. I started as a receptionist at the firm and have grown into my role as the medical coordinator. When I interviewed with Mr. Smith and Mr. Scott, I felt right away that it was a good fit. All of our attorneys are very easygoing and kind. They are so great, and I couldn’t ask for better bosses. Overall, we’re

Thank you to everyone at Smith, Wallis & Scott for giving me the opportunity to be here in this lovely city and to help people get the care they deserve.

–Maria Mendoza

1 (770) 214-2500

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