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For the Love of Helping People O n Valentine’s Day, many people take a few extra moments to share their love and appreciation for one another. However, it’s important to celebrate our most meaningful relationships every day. I certainly love and appreciate my wife, Ashley, and my daughter, Jade. But there’s also something to be said for the relationship I share with my clients. They are what make my law firm what it is. I often meet with people who are going through some very dark times. They don’t know what is going to happen next, and there is a lot of uncertainty. I get to help them navigate through that uncertainty and figure out their next step. On a professional level, being able to help is incredible. A lot of what I do isn’t defined by the wins in the courtroom, but by the relationships I form with people who come to our firm for help. I’m always blown away by the appreciation clients share with me after a case has come to an end. Just this past December, the day after Christmas, I received a card from a client. There was a note thanking me for all I had done. They expressed that it had been an honor to work with us. It was a case that didn’t go exactly how we envisioned it. There were major challenges we didn’t overcome. But despite the challenges, this person was grateful for the help I could give. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. A lot of people look at the wins and losses in the courtroom like numbers on a scoreboard. They believe that is what really matters. The truth is that it’s far more complex, especially in the kind of law I practice. Simply helping people figure out those complexities can be what makes the difference in their lives, not just their case.

I didn’t get into law because I wanted to help people — it wasn’t necessarily a driving force. But it was something that developed more and more over time. As I practiced law and worked with clients, especially early on, I started to gain a better understanding of who I was as a person and as an attorney. I developed a clearer vision of what my practice is about and what it could be about. One thing I always dedicated myself to is regular client contact, whether it’s over the phone or in person. That kind of interaction and transparency is huge — and something not a lot of attorneys do. It’s surprising. There are a lot of firms out there that tend to keep their clients at an arm’s length. Information is shared on what you might call a “need to know” basis. When you’re facing uncertainty, a lack of communication adds more stress to an already stressful situation. I never want that for my clients. And I know our clients appreciate my transparency. That card I received on Dec. 26 is proof of this. It also tells me that I’m making a difference and that I am truly able to help people. I love that. In many ways, it’s energizing. Unlike a number of my colleagues, I’m not burned out. I look forward to what each day brings.


–Matthew Konecky


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