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APRIL 2020



activity really. This means exercising more and seeking therapy when I need it. In other words, I have to stick to the advice I give my own patients! While I’ve certainly been busy, my three sons have also been occupied. My oldest son, who I’ve mentioned is doing some acting work, recently took part in a very interesting play, or I should say staged reading. My wife got us tickets and we had the chance to see it, which was exciting. A few top local actors invited our son to join the reading, which was well- received all around. The performance was based on real world events, namely Vortex I — a rock music festival that took place at Milo McIver State Park outside of Estacada in 1970. Some of you may be familiar with it. The festival was a demonstration against the Vietnam War and an effort to stop violent protests during a visit from President Nixon. state-sponsored music festival in U.S. history. The governor of Oregon, Tom McCall, put his political career on the line when he allowed the festival to take place in a state park. He did all of this just months before the next election and many thought his career One of the interesting things about the concert is that it’s the only

I did it — I made it to Colorado! Back in our February newsletter, I mentioned I wanted to get out to Colorado for some skiing. Well, I made it and had a wonderful time. A friend and I managed to ski the highest run in North American at Breckenridge. It sits at about 13,000 feet above sea level. My friend also came prepared with an app on his phone that tracked our skiing. Over three days, we skied over 75,000 feet vertical. All in all, it was a good trip. However, at the end of those three days, my knee pain returned, which was less than ideal. The good news is we were done skiing by then. Going forward, I’m going to have to give my knee a little extra attention. I need to keep my legs and knees in good shape if I want to continue to do this kind of skiing, or any rigorous

was over — including him. But he was reelected!

The play was very well done, and the audience loved it. In fact, it was put on to an overflow audience. It was great to see our son on stage. My middle son was recently hired as a teacher's assistant at the school he grew up attending. He decided to join the workforce as a teacher's assistant to get some experience working in a classroom. He’s been thinking about going to school to become a teacher, and this is a good entry point to see if it’s a good match. My youngest son and I are very much looking forward to the warmer days of spring and summer so we can go out and ride motorbikes. We’ve gone out on a few weekends here and there, but going into spring, it’s been just a little too chilly for our tastes. But once the temperatures get up there, we’ll be going out as often as we can!

–Paul Kane, P.T., BSC, CMP

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