2022 Impact Report

MISSION Unite the goodwill and resources of our community so that everyone can thrive.


As we get further and further away from the pandemic origins of 2020, and make our way into this new future, we bear witness to the profound challenges long with us—now amplified and compounded in its wake . People across our entire region have been impacted and turn to our vital nonprofit network for help. A network that is stretched with increased demands, decreased support, and unprecedented workforce shortages. Yet, you showed up, dug deep, and created real opportunities in our region . Thanks to your hard work and generosity, we were able to fully fund our network of 192 program partners, and convene and support providers in all

MISSION Unite the goodwill and

six counties throughout the year in service to our neighbors . You helped innovate new ways of delivering services by assisting our ability to host and support cross-sector collaborations. You showed our nonprofits the depths of your compassion by coming out in droves with over 4,000 of you volunteering for our first six-county Day of Caring, giving during your workplace campaigns, and donating supplies. Giving your money and time is deeply personal . It is making the choice, and inspiring others to join, that true movements and change take place— in our hearts, our minds, and our communities. Your partnership and trust with us is meaningful, and we are grateful. Tens of thousands joined the movement to make way for good , and you are a key part of what we have been able to achieve this year–and in the years ahead. Thank you for being a part of our United Way movement . Stronger together,

resources of our community so that everyone can thrive.

JAIME SAUNDERS President & CEO United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes


$35.8 MILLION invested in the community

$17.9 MILLION raised through the Annual Campaign

OVER 400,000 individuals reached through United Way funded programs

OVER 13,000 volunteers connected through Volunteer United

50,000 DONORS invested in community solutions

85 GRADUATES from United Way’s Leadership Development Programs

PROJECT UPLIFT Funded by United Way and our generous partner ESL Charitable Foundation, United Way’s Project Uplift addresses barriers related to poverty and improving quality of life by providing individuals and families immediate and direct financial support. Dollar by dollar, individuals and families are provided opportunities to thrive like Eileen and Cyrus. Eileen and Cyrus were unable to pay their mortgage or utilities after experiencing a major medical event. Project Uplift supported Eileen and Cyrus’ basic needs— mortgage and utilities for a month—which lifted a layer of discomfort while they focused on recovery.

OVER $1.75 MILLION distributed in Project Uplift funds

OVER $1 MILLION raised during ROC the Day

Accessibility and affordability were preventing a family of four, including dad who uses a wheelchair, from thriving in their home. United Way’s funding assisted the leveling and replacement of the home’s flooring, modified the kitchen and bathroom for accessibility, built a ramp, replaced the water heater, and provided both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The family can now remain independent and secure in their home , and dad can fully participate in the care of his family and community. United Way has made a huge difference for this family with positive health, safety, and accessibility outcomes. - Ontario County United Way funded program


We are regional with a hyper local focus. Each of our communities are unique—one size does not fit all when it comes to resource mobilization. We work to understand each of our communities, in each corner of our region, so that we can best address their unique challenges. Part of that understanding is driven by data—ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). ALICE represents households that earn above the Federal Poverty Level but less than what it costs to make ends meet; these households still rely on many of the critical services our nonprofit sector provides. ALICE represents the data reshaping the dialogue of financial hardships, and plays a large role in providing us a complete picture of what our communities need.

37% of households in our region are financially insecure

WAYNE • Number of households: 38,634 • Households living in poverty: 3,965 • ALICE households: 9,296 • Number of funded agencies: 15

MONROE •Number of households: 318,883 •Households living in poverty: 41,807 • ALICE households: 78,655 • Number of funded agencies: 54



GENESEE •Number of


households: 24,461 •Households living in poverty: 2,765 • ALICE households: 5,786 •Number of funded agencies: 23




ONTARIO •Number of households : 47,607 • Households living in poverty: 3,144 • ALICE households: 10,712 • Number of funded agencies: 24

LIVINGSTON •Number of households: 24,012 • Households living in poverty: 2,613 • ALICE households: 7,458 •Number of funded agencies: 18

WYOMING • Number of households: 15,870 • Households living in poverty: 1,562 • ALICE households: 4,398 •Number of funded agencies: 11

750 under-served and homeless children and youth provided with safe shelter. 2,150 kids learned and played in safe and supportive summer enrichment programs. 3,600 older adults were provided 25,760 rides. 300 adults and children safely sheltered from domestic abuse. 385 youth and adults placed into jobs. 1,900 households at risk of eviction or foreclosure were able to maintain their housing. 1,200 children and youth connected to mentors. 530 families received in-home parenting support.


Donations and grants: Funds from individuals, corporations and foundation donations, and community grants come through United Way.

Resource mobilization: Through partnership collaboration, community convening, and ongoing research, we identify community needs, develop innovative solutions, and mobilize resources across the six-county region. Nonprofit agencies are provided support for their essential services— from volunteer and board leadership connection to crisis coordination, capacity building, and training.

Program investments: We invest donations that come to our Community Impact Fund in a vast network of 192 partner programs. These programs have been identified for their mission and vision alignment and effective delivery of services. Each program is held to rigorous standards with a focus on community-wide measurement and outcomes, ensuring individuals and families are provided the greatest opportunities to thrive in our region.

Community initiative convening: We house innovative and cross-sector community initiatives, providing capacity building and ongoing grant and funding support. Collaborating with these partners, we work towards effective, shared solutions for a stronger community.

Creating collective impact : All the resources, program investments, and community initiative convening come together to create impact in our community!


$7.1 MILLION direct nonprofit support through donor designation and ROC the Day $16.8 MILLION community Initiatives and other giving: Project Uplift, First 1,000 Days, ROC Family Teleconnect, Monroe County Aging Alliance, TogetherNow, RMAPI

“This community has helped to shape who I am today. I give to show my gratitude, to invest in the lives of others, and because our collective impact through United Way’s African American Leadership Society makes a huge difference .” - Kesha Carter

$3.9 MILLION after school programming, summer learning, and mentoring

AALS Co-Chair & Chief Diversity Officer, Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI)

$35.8 MILLION RAISED FOR THE COMMUNITY Thanks to the hard work and generosity of so many,

$3.6 MILLION basic needs programs (food, housing, emergency services)

$1.8 MILLION older adult services

we were able to make significant community investments in 2022.

$1.2 MILLION home visitation

$726,000 job readiness and credit counseling

$335,000 child and elder abuse and intimate partner violence support

Values have been rounded for clarity. Rounded values will be slightly less than total.

Kesha Carter, African American Leadership Society, Co-Chair

Frank Hamlin at 2022 Day of Caring


FIRST REGIONAL CAMPAIGN across our six-county region

$17.9 MILLION raised by over 32,000 donors

760 WORKPLACES participated

TOP 3 WORKPLACE PARTNERS these workplaces continue to lead the way with their annual contributions to the campaign, collectively topping $6 million

“Giving back to our community is who we are and who we have always been. We are proud to announce 2022 set a record at Canandaigua National Bank & Trust for giving thanks to our United Way

We are thankful to have individuals and organizations in our corner who wholeheartedly believe in the work of United Way and the Community Impact Fund—so much so that they increased your impact this year. Thank you to our Challenge Grant partners: Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, ESL Federal Credit Union, and Richard and Rob Sands.

partnership .” - Frank Hamlin


President and CEO of Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, 2022 United Way Campaign Chair, and 2022 Day of Caring volunteer

“United Way supports our pantries by providing funding for purchasing food. Their support is extremely beneficial, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic impacted all of our pantries, which saw more people than ever before. People lost jobs and needed help from a pantry — some for the very first time. Funding from United Way helped to supplement our pantries and enabled them to make purchases that they otherwise wouldn’t have the funds for. Many pantries have told me how thankful they are for United Way dollars!” - Sheila Williams, Capacity and Compliance Specialist, Foodlink


While the past year provided a reprieve from the pandemic, compounded community challenges, economic uncertainty, and staffing storages once again put nonprofits in an impossible situation. The community needs are still great, and our nonprofit sector is working tirelessly to meet those needs. We work to champion the nonprofit sector by bringing partners together and creating a unified voice for change. We sit at the changemaker tables—and when there isn’t a table to sit at, we build one.

SERVE ON 45+ COMMUNITY TABLES, representing and advocating for the nonprofit sector.

CONVENE THE CHILDCARE TASKFORCE, bringing together childcare centers, DHS, and policy makers to address challenges and create alignment. LED 3 NONPROFIT LEARNING CIRCLES to better understand the needs and opportunities of our nonprofit sector.

BRING NONPROFIT CEOS TOGETHER regularly throughout the year to cultivate connections, educate, and connect resources.

ADVOCATED WITH PARTNERS, Causewave, Foodlink and Monroe County, to support the 67,000+ households impacted by cuts to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

LEAD HOME VISITATION PROVIDER GROUP, bringing together partners to share ideas, solutions, and education resources to best serve new moms and babies.

“The United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes has been one of RMAPI’s most dedicated and longstanding partners, and our partnership grew in new and exciting ways in 2022. Aside from being RMAPI’s fiscal sponsor, United Way has led the way in adopting RMAPI’s Guiding Principles and has representation across our working groups engaged in efforts to address the root causes of poverty. TogetherNow, which works with a diverse network of service providers to improve the health and economic well-being of individuals and families in Monroe County, was initially identified as a priority of RMAPI and now has become a dedicated organization alongside RMAPI under the umbrella of United Way. United Way has also set an example to our community through a deep and unwavering commitment to RMAPI and our mission to break the cycle of poverty by shifting power to enable upward mobility for individuals and families. We look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen this relationship as we work toward our shared mission.” - Aqua Porter RMAPI Executive Director


Collaboration and innovation are at the core of what we do . We believe in the power of community and leveraging our resources to support top-notch community-based initiatives that align with our mission. We are proud to host and support the collaborative work of Rochester Monroe Anti- Poverty Initiative (RMAPI) and TogetherNow (formerly Systems Integration Project). Together, we are creating effective solutions for a stronger community. Community Initiative: RMAPI RMAPI is a community-wide coalition working together to break the cycle of poverty by shifting power to enable upward mobility for all families. 2022 highlights: • $22.1 million of funding distributed from Monroe County through the American Rescue Plan Act directly responded to community-informed recommendations from RMAPI. • 115 total number of Level Up Champions , a growth of more than 300% since the inaugural group was announced in September 2021. A Level Up Champion is an employer that has taken the first step toward wage equity by instituting a $15/hour or higher starting wage. • 12,000+ total number of jobs moved to $15/hr or above by Level Up Champions since 2021. • 100,000+ total number of people employed by Level Up Champions in the Greater. Rochester region. Community Initiative: TogetherNow TogetherNow is connecting a diverse network of committed providers and community members to keep people at the center of care in an interconnected system of education, health, and human services. 2022 highlights: • Launched, completed early adoption of MyWayfinder. MyWayfinder is a new online platform used by both individuals and service providers to connect with each other, helping people improve their health and wellbeing by accessing the right services at the right time. • Launched the Monroe County Community Integration Initiative (MC-CII) . MC-CII brings together the Department of Human Services, providers, and those they service to redesign service delivery and improve community outcomes. • 10,000 individuals engaged with TogetherNow, surpassing the 2022 engagement goals.


Maria Cruz, 2022 LLDP graduate and Board Observer 2023-2024


Celebrating milestones with the African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP) and Latino Leadership Development Program (LLDP) AALDP celebrated its 30-year anniversary, and LLDP celebrated its 40-year anniversary. Our volunteer founders saw a community need, and created an opportunity for hundreds of Black and Latino community leaders. Over 2,000 leaders have since graduated from our LDPs. 20 Years of Women United Since its 2002 founding, Women United has grown to 1,082 women, and collectively raises an average of $2 million a year with United Way—creating a collective impact and unifying the voices of our community’s inspiring women. Honoring the Gallinas Andy and Karen Gallina were awarded the 2022 Tocqueville Society Award, in recognition of their two-decade support of our work, community volunteerism, and inspirational leadership. Andy and Karen Gallina chaired the Tocqueville Society in 2015 and 2016, are current members of the Tocqueville cabinet, and led the 2019 Annual Campaign alongside their three children, Lauren, Rob, and Evan. Andy Gallina also serves on the annual Campaign cabinet, and Karen is a current member of Women United. Recognizing community giants at African American Leadership Society (AALS) This year, AALS celebrated the inspiring leaders who founded AALS nearly 20 years ago. AALS founders Emerson U. Fullwood, Clayton Osbourne, Essie Calhoun-McDavid, and William A. Johnson, Jr. as well as longstanding AALS coordinator, Rodney Young, were recognized for their innovation, dedication, and leadership—without them AALS would not be the strong community it is today. The founders have raised a collective $3.5 million in pledges during their time as AALS steering committee chairs, and AALS is currently over 150 members strong. Getting representative books in the hands of children Circulo Latino Society hosted a Multicultural Book Drive to collect inclusive children’s literature for local nonprofits. Five area businesses set up collection boxes, five local bookstores supported the efforts, 400 books were collected, and 30 United Way partner agencies received books that look just like them! Educating and driving opportunities to address food insecurity Emerging Leaders Society hosted an enlightening panel discussion on what food insecurity looks like for local families and how United Way and its partners are helping communities fill the gap. Meaningful stories and important resources were shared to a dynamic group of emerging leaders. Attendees also helped collect food items to benefit local food distribution centers. Labor Leaders give back 2022 marked a year of giving back with our Labor Leaders Club. Hundreds of our region’s most dedicated union members showed up to support their community. Labor Leaders Club members participated in Day of Caring and volunteered for many Rochester Labor Council projects. This group not only donated their treasure but time and immense talent.

“Latino Leadership Development Program connected me with an amazing group of Latino leaders…Personally, I am walking away with a better understanding of civic service through board engagement. After LLDP, I feel better equipped to be an advocate and an agent of change by being part of important conversations and the decision making process . I look forward to expanding my network, civic work, and knowledge as I continue to join advocacy efforts that align with my advocacy values.” - Maria Cruz LLDP Class of 2022 United Way Board Observer 2023-2024


Our communities depend on our ability to convene, mobilize, and innovate towards the future. As we look ahead into the coming year, we see endless opportunities. A 2023 preview:

The implementation of a new United Way 3-Year Strategic Plan to support our growing and evolving organization and region.

The first-time development and launch of the Impact Strategy 6-County Grant process.

Release of new ALICE data for our state and

region that will help inform communities of challenges and opportunities.

Expanded services to support nonprofits from volunteers and in-kind donations to training and learning opportunities like a monthly training series that informs nonprofits on key changes impacting our sector.

Launch of community campaigns to raise awareness and funds to support families, in each corner of our region, facing challenges like the reduction of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicaid recertifications.

Relaunch and reimaging of Leadership Giving Network programming and in-person events to foster more connections and support our region.

Expansion of our Leadership Development Programs with plans to broaden regional participation.

After years of development, United Way and Rochester Area Community Foundation’s co-directed Monroe County Aging Alliance implements Age- Friendly Plan .

Convened by United Way, ROC Family Teleconnect will expand home visitation services to support more new moms and babies in Monroe County.

Paychex employees participating in the 2022 Day of Caring


Whether braving the rain to clean gardens on Day of Caring, building hygiene kits for families, or addressing the thousands of needs on Volunteer United all year round, you prove time and again the depths of your generosity . Our community is better served because of you.

5,000 volunteers participated in Day of Caring

More than 27,000 volunteer hours donated

470 nonprofit agencies were supported by United Way volunteers

More than 5,000 responses to nonprofit needs

More than $1 MILLION worth of work, donated supplies, and materials contributed


Our team is comprised of intelligent, generous, and hard-working individuals who drive our mission forward . They are our greatest asset. Every shared idea and seized opportunity brought real change in our communities. Their passion for our work inspires. We asked members of our team why they chose to work for United Way. Their answers are just as inspiring as they are.

“ I have found my purpose and passion in leading the Leadership Development Programs. For me, it’s the people. Every new program participant or graduate I have met inspires me every day. I love hearing a graduate tell me their class was the best. Serving as the director to prepare individuals who want to impact their communities has been one of the most rewarding opportunities in my career. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve our community.” Sheila M. Strong, Ed.D. Director of Leadership Development & Equity “I work for the United Way because I’m grateful to take even the smallest part in helping to lift our community . I get to work with some of the smartest, kindest, most driven people, and see the tangible changes that they are making each day.” Jen Gaffey-Link, CPA Controller

“I came for the mission, and stay for the people. From day one, I witnessed colleagues around me living values that aligned with my own and carrying out United Way’s mission with so much heart, loyalty, and grit. Our world and local community have gone through so much change, and United Way has been proactive and adaptable to meet the changing needs of not only the community, but its employees as well. United Way sees its employees as whole people. The support and goodness that surrounds me each day is why I work at United Way.”

Corinne Matina Events Manager

“While my time at the United Way has been short, I know that this is the place where I would like to spend my career. Each day I am astounded by the super star coworkers and the amount of work we can accomplish TOGETHER . I am honored to be on the United Way of Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Team!” MarcAnthony J. Bucci Community Relationship Manager - Western Region

United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes at the 2021 Rochester, New York Pride Parade.

Laurie Zaucha, 2022 United Way Board Chair with, United Way Services Corporation Board memeber Clay H. Osborne


We are fortunate to have boards and committees that represent the best of what our region has to offer. They are leaders coming from diverse backgrounds with one shared goal: build communities where every individual has the opportunity to thrive . We are able to move our mission forward because of all they bring to the table. We are thankful for their leadership, guidance, and drive to support individuals and families in our region.

Executive Committee • Laurie Zaucha, Chair • Carrie Andrews

Leadership Giving Society Leadership • Kesha Carter African American Leadership Society (Chair) • Nancy Wahl Continue United (Chair) • Megan Antonitto Emerging Leaders Society (Co-Chair) • Jim Melia Emerging Leaders Society (Co-Chair) • Lauren Dixon Women United (Chair) • Linda Farchione Hawks Women United (Chair) • Margaret Farnsworth Women United (Chair) • Lauren Gallina Payne Women United (Chair) • Karen Knowles Women United (Chair) • Donna Saskowski Women United (Chair)

Campaign, Cabinet, and Committee Leadership • Frank Hamlin Chair, 2022 Campaign • Ed Hourihan Chair, 2022 Tocqueville Society Campaign • Kate Kenney Chair, Community Impact Cabinet • Amit Thakkar Chair, Investment Committee United Way Services Corporation Directors • Lori B. Green, Chair • Joseph Marchese • Clay H. Osborne • Jaime Saunders • Joe Wesley

• Mona Chitre • Don Culeton • Lauren Dixon • Rufus Judson • Mary O’Connell • Matthew Parrilli • Peter Robinson • Naomi Silver

Directors • Dr. DeAnna Burt-Nanna

• Melisza Campos • Shelly Clements

• Matthew Cole • Jean Ellefson • Delores Kruchten • Dr. Heidi Macpherson • Faheem Masood • Dr. Robert Mayo • Jaime Saunders • Stephanie Schaeffer • Deborah Stendardi • Beth Talia • Tim Thaney • Joe Wesley • Ed White • Dr. Kevin Williams • Vince Yacuzzo

“I choose to get involved with United Way because I love the Greater Rochester area. United Way is the organization that does the most good across the community, tackling our biggest challenges to build a strong and vibrant community for all.” - Laurie Zaucha, 2022 United Way Board Chair

Volunteer Volunteer United connects you to your next volunteer opportunity with one of hundreds of nonprofit agencies from across our six-county region. Virtual, ongoing, one-time, family-friendly, emergency—the volunteer opportunities come in many forms. Our team is also happy to work with you, your family, or your workplace to create customized volunteer opportunities—whether that’s kit building with your team or building a volunteer day itinerary. Visit unitedwayrocflx.org/ volunteer or contact us directly to find the opportunity that’s right for you. Give When you give to United Way, your gift combines with thousands of other donors and workplaces to support hundreds of agencies making real change in our community. Every dollar adds up, and no gift is too small. Join in at unitedwayrocflx.org/donate .

Get Involved We convene people, organizations, agencies and community leaders to work together on strengthening our community. There are many ways to get involved : • Serve on a committee or board • Apply for our Leadership Development Program • Become a member of Leaders United • Become an Employee Campaign Champion and lead your workplace campaign • Sponsor United Way events and programming to double your organization’s exposure at popular, well-attended community activities • Get a volunteer team together for Day of Caring


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