A Primer on Managed Care: Multiple Chronic Conditions

inside generations field guide supplement 3 A Primer on Managed Care: Multiple Chronic Conditions

chronic conditions, social determinants, and Medicare Advantage Managing Chronic Disease in an Evolving Healthcare Environment By Erin Westphal 3

47 How Will LTSS and Medical Care Integrate to Provide Community-Based Care? By Anne Montgomery and Sarah Slocum 53 New Reimbursement Mechanisms Are Driving New Levels of Competition By Lori Peterson 57 CBO’s Role in Addressing Malnutrition in Community-Dwelling Older Adults By Brenda Schmitthenner, Andrea Morris, Jessa K. Engelberg, Amy Herr, and Cheryl Hassoldt


Chronic Conditions, from A to Z By Kathleen A. Cameron

12 The Role of Social Determinants and Why Community-Based Programming Works By Karen D. Lincoln 18 Medicare Advantage: Modernizing Medicare Through Innovation in Financing and Care Delivery By Allyson Y. Schwartz 23 New Strategies for Condition Management Within Value-Based Care By Robert Fields 27 The CHRONIC Care Act: Expanding Access, Extending Medicare’s Focus By G. Lawrence Atkins and Andrew L. MacPherson supporting Medicare Advantage clients in the community Partners in Care Foundation: A Change Agent in Community-Based Care By June Simmons and Sandy Atkins 35 Successful Chronic Disease Programming: The Important Role of Community Health Workers By Carl H. Rush 42 Healthcare Providers Can Help to Connect Family Caregivers to Resources and Supports By Donna Benton and Kylie Meyer 31

highlighting innovations in dementia care, in the community


The UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program

By David B. Reuben, Leslie Chang Evertson, Michelle Panlilio, Mihae Kim, Kelsey Stander, and Zaldy S. Tan 67 A Profile in Population Health Management: The Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation By Malaz Boustani, Lindsey Yourman, Richard J. Holden, Peter S. Pang, and Craig A. Solid 72 The Dementia Cal MediConnect Project By Brooke A. Hollister, Jarmin Yeh, Leslie Ross, Jennifer Schlesinger, and Debra Cherry 78 An Advance Directive for Dementia By Barak Gaster 82 Improving Care for People with

Chronic Conditions By Katherine Hayes

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