A Primer on Managed Care: Multiple Chronic Conditions

structure to deliver them, a talented team, and a position of trust within the community. Key drivers for growth will be knowing how these factors provide legitimacy to the CBO and dif- ferentiate it from others, understanding how to communicate advantages to others in a clear and compelling way, and having a plan to translate advantages into benefits. One advantage for many CBOs comes from years, even decades, of experience serving people in the local community. Strengthen the CBO’s position with new capacities : As CBOs pursue growth through acquiring healthcare sector clients, they must establish their status and credibility as experts and equals. This requires CBOs to develop new capacities for thinking, acting, and engaging with performance-oriented healthcare clients on a business level. New capacities include planning and executing a structured business develop- ment approach that generates interest and cre- ates demand; designing and delivering fiscally sound programs, business plans, and financial analyses; anticipating, planning for and handling obstacles and objections; and conducting ongo- ing performance measurement and program optimization. It is equally important that CBOs develop the ability to clearly articulate their

expert knowledge, strategic advantages, and the gains of working together—in the context that their healthcare partner can understand. Go “all in” on partnership and growth : Thriving amid heightened competition requires serious effort, energy, resources, and time, as well as a long-term view. It is easy to be discour- aged by early challenges or fall victim to “we tried it once” thinking. For CBOs to succeed in building new part- nerships and capturing new revenue opportu- nities, they must commit a substantial amount of time to doing the necessary work—conduct- ing research, reaching out, and building rela- tionships and delivery services. They must put the right people in place and allocate sufficient funding to support both a multi-year initiative and a long-term strategy for success. Ultimately, those CBOs that commit to trans- forming the way they think, and act will be the CBOs best positioned to capitalize on opportu- nities inherent in the current marketplace, in which there is a growing emphasis on the social determinants of health and the emergence of new reimbursement mechanisms for services that address them. Lori Peterson, M.A., is the founder and CEO of Collaborative Consulting in San Francisco, California. She can be contacted at lori@collaborativecon .

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