Palmilla Beach Resort E-Zine - Autumn, 2020

Judy Smith is the Queen of Beach Chic. She has decorated and staged many Palmilla Beach properties and raves about the clean lines and architectural openness of Palmilla Beach architecture. The elegant, neoclassic lines create a clean palate for decorating interiors and the abundance of natural light makes the outdoor scenery the star of the show, whether it’s a large custom Palmilla home or the smaller elegant Duets. The number one piece of advice that Judy gives homeowners who are tackling beach interiors, is to do what makes them happy but differs from their home in the city. When you are at the beach you want an escape, not your usual comfort zone. At your primary home you probably wouldn’t want a turquoise and orange dolphin patterned armchair, but it works at the beach. If your city home is very colorful, then you may want to explore calming neutrals and white slip-covered furniture. This is your chance to be playful and original, with an eye to your personal comfort above all else.


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