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WE AIMED FOR SCARY And Settled for Lame

Halloween has always been a holiday for mischief and adventure. I’m sure you can recall stories of smashing pumpkins, throwing stink bombs, and sneaking an extra piece of candy from an unsuspecting neighbor. While I’ll plead the fifth as to whether I participated in any of those tricks during my childhood, I did once try to set up a Halloween prank as an adult. Let me tell you — it ended in spectacular, embarrassing failure. It had to be in the early ‘60s, maybe 1963 or ‘64, because we were living in a duplex at the time. We were good buddies with the neighbors we shared the house with and would regularly hang out with them and play cards. One Halloween, we were spending the afternoon together and got the bright idea

folks just stared at us with confusion. They were probably thinking, “Who are these weirdos?” Despite the lukewarm response, we were not deterred. We figured that just needed to up our game and hide a little better, and the scare would come. After a few more failed attempts, we finally caught somebody like a deer in the headlights. The little guy couldn’t have been more than six. When we jumped out, he froze for a second and it felt like mission accomplished. Then, in a moment that I can only recall in slow motion, he cocked back his leg, looked at me with total determination, and kicked me right in the shin! Looking back on it, I more than deserved it. At the time, I only thought it was a sure sign that our ingenious prank had failed miserably.

to dress up wacky and attempt to scare the trick-or-treaters. As you can probably tell from the sheer brilliance of the idea, we probably had a few beers before we devised it. Our wives knew that it was a silly plan, but the liquid courage was already in play at that point, so we put the plan into action. We got the goofiest clothes we could find, made up our faces, stuffed our noses with cotton, and found some bushes to jump out from. In our heads, we looked terrifying and were going to send a chill up the spine of every youngster we encountered. We probably just looked like two disheveled hobos acting like fools. Thankfully, there is no photo documentation of this all-time stupid idea, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

When we returned defeated, our wives had the laugh of a lifetime. It was a “we told you so” situation. The prank itself may have been a disaster, but it’s now one of my most cherished Halloween memories. So I guess it was worth it in the long run, but I learned my lesson. These days, I spend Halloween handing out candy and admiring costumes. The pranks are best left to minds cleverer than my own. In closing, I want to wish everyone a wonderful Halloween and an excellent start to the holiday season. My one piece of advice is that if you’re planning a killer prank this year, make sure you do it when you’re of sound mind. Otherwise, you might wake up with a bruise on your shin. – Garry Li day

We didn’t realize how misguided we were until we actually attempted to scare the first group of kids that came by our hideout. Instead of looks of terror and screams, the young

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