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Making a Tangible Impact on Our Patients’ Lives

A Trip Will Change Your Child’s Life

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I’ve Been in an Accident — Now What? Warm Up With Some Hot Cocoa!


Make the Best of Bad Weather

Your family’s plans have been blown away by a storm, trapping you inside for the day. You’ve run out of ideas, the kids are bouncing off of the walls, and the collective sighing of“I’m bored”is starting to wear you down. And the worst part? It’s lunch time. So, how are you going to pass the time and keep bellies full? Turn your kitchen into a restaurant! Choose a theme, and help your kids decorate the space. Tablecloths, wall art, and fun place settings are a great place to start. Put on some themed music that corresponds with the type of restaurant you’re opening, and now you really have a party! After the decorating is done, have your kids decide what foods the restaurant will serve, then let them create their own menu— complete with hand-drawn pictures. While they’re completing the menu, take some time to set out ingredients. OPEN Bad Weather? The Kitchen Is

Arrange an assortment of fully cooked foods, and turn food preparation into a taste combination party. Your food and flavor combinations don’t need to match what’s on the menu— that’s what imaginations are for (and the chef’s special). A cracker with toppings could very easily become a fancy pizza! Macaroni and cheese with ham could be a decadent pasta dish never before seen this side of the Mississippi. Once the best combinations have been made, it’s time to eat. Sit down and enjoy your specially prepared meal. If you have time, try to put together some dinner theater. You can make up stories, have a puppet show, or pretend to record a TV commercial to advertise your new restaurant. Now, don’t forget — a good kitchen staff works together to clean up after the restaurant closes for the day!



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