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HALLOWEEN ON CAMPUS WHO’S GOING TO WIN THIS YEAR’S COSTUME CONTEST? Halloween is a time for us to have a little fun at the office. Every year, our staff picks a theme, and we have a contest to see which of us can come up with the best costume. Any patient who comes into the office that day will submit a vote for the staff member they think is top dog, and at the end of the day, we tally up the results. A couple of years back, we chose the theme of famous people from the fitness industry. We had Hans and Franz ready to pump you up, Jane Fonda made an appearance, and one of our PT assistants came we had shaving cream. The kids all stayed in their age groups, so we sought out the high school kids and planned our attack on them. We jumped out of our perches, tagged them with a quick blast of Barbasol, and scurried off to hide. There weren’t the threats to safety we have now, so parents let us loose without fear. And as long as we were home on time at the end of the night, everything was great. It’s goofy to look back 35 years and see what we did compared to my children’s experience of Halloween today.

parents. She’ll head out with some friends, and we’ll take our other two kids. My mother-in-law comes to man the house while we tour the neighborhood for a couple of hours. All the kids come home around 9 p.m., dump their goodies out on the floor, and open up the free market of trades. It’s like watching economics unfold in its rawest form. this year. We know that our patients love dressing up too, and we’d like to extend an offer to you to wear your best costume. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even throw in a small prize. If you have your session scheduled for Halloween this year, join our quest to find a new winner for our friendly competition! Our office costume contest is something to behold, but we want to add more participants

prepared in a full-blown Richard Simmons get-up — Afro wig, spandex top, and even a few good impersonations to match. It was safe to say that he ended up winning. Last year, we decided to go with superheroes, and the same assistant won with a perfect rendition of Aquaman. This year, we are finalizing the theme, but you can bet we’re all gunning for first place. Growing up, Halloween was a little different than what many children are used to today. I’m from a small town of about 700 people, and there were only five streets in the city. Everyone knew each other, which allowed for some good wholesome fun. When we were in middle school, my friends and I walked the town similar to a scene from “Warriors” or “West Side Story” — only, instead of weapons,

My wife and I have three kids at different stages of life, so holidays always have an interesting dynamic — Halloween is a good example. There’s a nice pocket in our neighborhood where everyone can trick-or-treat, but our oldest is a sophomore in high school, so she’s starting to grow out of wanting to go with her TOWN SIMILAR TO A SCENE FROM ‘WARRIORS’ OR ‘WEST SIDE STORY’ —ONLY, INSTEAD OF WEAPONS, WE’D HAVE SHAVING CREAM.” “WHENWEWERE INMIDDLE SCHOOL, MY FRIENDS AND I WOULDWALK THE

–Mark Eddy

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