Fyzical Jacksonville - March 2020

Culinary Wellness Immersion

At Fyzical, we know how much improving your health means to you. That’s why we’ve joined up with Kailo Nutrition and House of Leaf & Bean to provide Meals That Heal . It’s a six-week culinary nutrition program designed to act as training wheels to sustainable lifestyle change. If

food helps you feel better, improves your quality of life, and lessens your need for prescriptions and medical procedures, we want you! In our program, you’ll eat prepared meals while learning recipes and cooking techniques that’ll continue long after the classes are done.

We don’t just think it works — we’ve had experts tell us it does! Biometric and lab values can prove our 2019 participants demonstrated meaningful improvements to their health, including: • Weight loss

• Reduced blood glucose • Lowered blood pressure • Lowered cholesterol • Improved energy and mood • Reduced inflammation

So, what does Meals That Heal include exactly? • Prepared Meals Daily: Try out new foods and familiar foods in fresh ways! Our meals will be made, prepared, and run through Wen Raiti at her cafe, House of Leaf & Bean. Not only are these meals balanced, but they’re also filling and loaded with necessary fibers to support your health and weight loss. Pick up these meals twice a week: Tuesday & Thursday evenings for four weeks, starting March 31. • Nutrition Counseling: Get nutrition consultations with registered dietitian Heather Borders at Kailo Nutrition. An initial assessment and two follow-up visits will include an objective and behavior goal-setting session, a review of labs, and a discussion of how food can improve individual health symptoms. You’ll leave with a far better understanding of your body and be able to create healthy lifelong habits afterward. • Group Cooking Classes. You don’t need to spend all day in the kitchen to eat healthy and have fun. Weekly culinary nutrition classes will include a nutrition/lifestyle topic and a hands-on cooking activity. You’ll prepare a vast variety of dishes (breakfasts, soups, mains, and desserts), and you won’t believe how little time and effort it takes! Fun, flavor, and full, happy bellies are our goals in these classes. For six weeks, you pay only $1,039, food included! Fyzical Physical Therapy will be hosting three classes out of the six: March 24 (Class 1), April 7 (Class 3), and April 21 (Class 5). Go to KailoNutrition.com/mth to learn more!

Register at Kail oNutrition.com/mth!

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