Hollis Morgan | Residential Sales - Guide To Selling Houses

…at Hollis Morgan we have over 100 years of combined experience within our residential property team…

our expertise includes

 We are highly respected local Estate Agents

 Experienced and knowledgeable valuers

 Successfully selling a wide range of houses

 Excellent communication with owners

 A punctual, polite and determined sales team


the valuation It is no longer good enough to base a valuation on “what the house next door sold for”. We will supply you with a detailed history of asking prices and Land Registry prices in your area and demonstrate a comparison between your property and others. Add to this our knowledge of individual homes and our awareness of the marketplace, we are able to provide you with the accurate valuation to begin the marketing campaign.

 Local knowledge of schools and amenities

 Important guidance on residential parking schemes

“Interestingly, during 2018, the average price of the properties we sold was within 95% of the asking price, proving that in such a transparent market the right asking price is crucial.” CALUM MELHUISH

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