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Summer is drawing to a close, but there’s still time to make some great memories. Camping trips are a summer staple. Fortunately, you don’t have to drive hours into the mountains to find the perfect campsite. Your backyard is right there waiting for you! Here are a few tips to help your family say farewell to summer with a perfect backyard camping trip. PACK FOR AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE. Your back door is literally a few yards away, which can be great in the event of an emergency. But if the kids are running in and out of the house all night long, they might end up deciding they’d rather be inside playing video games after only an hour. Be sure to pack everything you would need if you were really going into the woods for the night so no one is tempted to go back inside. This means tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, pajamas, books, binoculars, a compass, water bottles, and a cooler of food with snacks and dinner. Treat this like a “real” camping experience right from the beginning!

grill or a store-bought fire pit. If you have enough room in your backyard, you could even try building a bonfire. Just make sure to check your city ordinances and get any necessary permits first. You can find advice for building the perfect campfire at expert-advice/campfire-basics.html. REMEMBER: IT’S OKAY TO CALL IT A NIGHT. For kids, the most exciting part of camping in the backyard is getting to sleep in a tent — that is, until they actually have to sleep. After stargazing, some kids will want to stay up all night whispering and giggling in the tent, and that’s great! But other kids might decide they’d rather sleep inside, and that’s okay too. Your camping trip isn’t a failure because everyone spent the night in their own beds. It’s not about where everyone sleeps; it’s about how much fun your family had together before bedtime. The best part of backyard camping? It doesn’t take a lot of planning. Just grab your gear and your family and hike out into the great backyard.


Don’t have an in-ground fire pit? No worries! You can still enjoy hot dogs and s’mores with a charcoal


OUR PROGRAM Before even starting our program, we begin with an evaluation. It’s important to us that there is a proper assessment to find out what your body needs to correct the issue you face. This one-on-one evaluation will help us identify the causes of your pain and design a customized plan of attack to solve it. Once we’ve developed a comprehensive program, we then will take you through the treatments and give you the tools to take care of yourself for life.

You may think that slips and falls are just a byproduct of getting older, but the causes behind falling don’t stem from aging. Even more so, they should not be accepted as a regular occurrence. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20 percent of falls result in severe trauma. But the complications don’t stop there. A fall is also the most common cause of serious brain injury as well. That’s why we offer our fall prevention program aimed at keeping you stable and upright. ORIGIN Falls can stem from a variety of root causes. It could be an injury that has not fully healed, a compromised joint, degradation of muscles, or balance issues. The good news is, all of these problems can be solved with a little bit of physical therapy. Our personalized fall prevention program is aimed at tackling your specific issues and finding a quick resolution that will be sustained.

If you’ve struggled with falling, reach out to us today. We want to help you live a life free from pain and limitations.


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