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broadcaster Monthly Publication of the BIOLA FELLOWSHIP Vol. 3 • No. 4 APRIL, 1963 CONTENTS TESTIMONY OF MONEY ......... 3 CARRYING THE MESSAGE ........ 5 THE HARNESS SPEAKS ........... 7 BIOLA FELLOWSHIP PLAN .......12 M A N 'S GREATEST POWER ........ 13 ESSENTIALS OF PRAYER .......... 16 PANEL DISCUSSIONS ............... 18 THE PRESSURES OF M A N ........ 20 LEAVES ........................ 23 THE FOUNTAIN PEN ............. 24 BEANS ............ 25 CHRISTIANS ARE LIKE NUTS ....27 FLAGS ................................... 29 EPHESIANS .............................30 COVER: Covering one of the most important cities in America, Biola's newest broadcasting voice, KBBW, San Diego, has gone on the air. From its high transmission point, Mr. Phi1 Butler, manager, points out the down­ town metropolitan area to Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, Biola President (cen­ ter), and Mr. Thomas E. Steele, Di­ rector of Extension. The station will be broadcasting 18 hours a day at 102.5 on the FM dial. STAFF President .... S. H. Sutherland Editor........... .......Al Sanders Production.... 1..... . Virginia Schwepker Printing ...........Church Press Published monthly by the Radio Dept. BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, Cal.


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H ow many OF you remember the old silver dollar? It has the head of liberty on the front and an eagle with spread wings on the back. I carry two of these silver dollars with me. One is dated 1881, the day I was born the first time, the other is dated 1896, the day I was born the second time. I trust each of you have also had two birthdays. The goddess of liberty appears on this coin. “Liberty” appears on the head-band. We know that freedom

comes only from Jesus Christ. He alone can break the chains that bind us to sin and Satan. The date reminds us of the birth of Christ. As I said, mine is stamped, 1881. That means it was made up that many years after the earthly life of our Saviour. The birth of our Lord has affected the entire world. No oth­ er man, living or dead, has his exist­ ence so marked on coin or currency. Also on the coin are the words “E (Continued on next page) 3

one. The choice is up to us. The inscription, “In God We Trust” appears over the head of the eagle. Our nation must trust in God. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Trusting in God means that we turn our lives over to Him, depending upon Him for full, free and complete salvation. Near the bot­ tom of the dollar is a tiny letter. This indicates the mint which produced the coin. The soul, coming from God’s mint, should bear the impress of heav­ en upon it. Everyone should know who is our Maker; in what mold we have been patterned and formed. At the bottom there are the words “One Dollar.” This advertises its value; the inscription prevents any misunderstanding. Every Christian has a value. (Sometimes he values himself more highly than others es­ teem him to be worth.) The value on this dollar was determined by the government. Our own valuations have no place whatever in this matter. At the top of the dollar are the words, “United States of America.” This coin constantly tells of its maker and its original owner. We, too, must confess the One who made us, whose we are and whom we serve. This money is no good in heaven. They don’t take silver dollars up there; the streets are paved with gold. The eagle’s wings are raised and ready to fly away. Some day you are going to fly away too. You can’t hold on to your money; every dollar will have to be left behind. To get any credit from God for the money you give for Christian work, give it while you are alive. If you want any credit for the deeds done in the body, you must give your money away while you are in the body. One other thing on this dollar is a wreath. This runs around beneath the eagle and above the words, “One Dollar.” It represents the reward you will receive if you live for the Lord. This wreath is the call to our hearts to earn a diadem from our Lord run­ ning the race well and winning the prize for His glory. 4

Testimony of money (Continued) Pluribus Unum.” This means there are many in one. The thirteen letters of the inscription bring before us that Christ and His twelve disciples began to give on earth this new mes­ sage of redeeming grace. When one is saved of society, all colors, all races, are made one in the Saviour. On the front of the dollar are thir­ teen stars. The Lord wants us to shine as the stars forever and ever. We must not waste our time or misuse our talents. On the reverse side of the silver dollar is an eagle with raised wings. The Scripture informs us that riches certainly make themselves wings and fly away, as an eagle, toward heaven THE MAN NEXT DOOR Jesus died to bring salvation For the rich and for the poor; Men of every tribe and nation— He includes the man next door. Millions are in heathen darkness And with pleading hearts implore For the gospel of salvation— What about the man next door? "Go ye into all the world," said Jesus, "Tell them of My mighty power; Bring your sheaves from every nation— Bring with you the man next door." When we stand before our Saviour On that glad eternal shore, Heaven's glory will be brighter If we've brought the man next door. (Proverbs 23:5). An eagle is a great bird when it is close to you. When it starts to fly away, however, it gets smaller and smaller until it disap­ pears. So often that happens to our. money, investments, stocks and bonds, or real estate. The talents of the eagle here on the silver dollar grasp both an olive branch and a group of arrows. Our Lord has arrows of veng- ence for those who will not accept His olive branch of peace and mercy. He shows both to the world that every individual may accept either






■ a t t B ü H M i

by Dr. Walter L. Wilson

I N riding ACROSS the country in southern Kansas one time I was impressed with the peculiar appear­ ance of the telephone poles along each side of the way. Some were long, some were short. Some were crooked, some .were straight. Some were quite large, others were little saplings. Some seemed to have been manufactured by man, others were obviously the na-

tural growth out of the woods. F irst of all the telephone pole is dead. While it was a living tree in the f o r e st it was not in t h e service of man; it lived for itself. A tree must die to be of use. A sin­ ner, living his own natural life in the world, is not much service to the Lord. If he is living at Calvary, he will die with Christ to become a liv­ ing servant fit to carry His messages. Telephone poles carry messages while they may not understand them. Their only purpose is to hold the line through which the message is being taken to its destination. Any kind of a pole can do this. The message is not dependent upon the character of the holder but only upon the serv­ ice which it renders. So the believer is to carry God’s message from heav­ en to the hearts of men. We cannot always understand what our Lord has said. God’s ways are past finding out. Any believer may be a messenger to carry the precious Word of God from the heart of the Lord to the hearts of men. Ask your heart, “Am I carry­ ing any message from God to me? Am I helping folks in any way? What am I doing for my Lord?” The natural growth pole serves the purpose just as well as the beautiful, straight, well-equipped pole. All that (Continued on next page) 5


Dr. Waiter L. Wilson beloved Bible teacher of Kansas City.

Him and where they can bring Him the most glory. These poles are separated, set apart, for one service. They hold up the wire to bear the message. They stick to their jobs, too. They don’t do it only on Sunday, or on some special occasion. What a lesson we should learn from this. We should serve the Lord in winter and in summer, in storm and in calm. Unfortunately some of the poles are injured by birds; woodpeckers eat holes in their sides, the rain enters and the rot begins. The poles are weakened. The company, in some places, covers the poles with a prep­ aration to keep out bugs and worms. CHRISTIAN HOMES Give us homes that God has founded; Give us homes with love unbounded; Give us homes where Jesus' presence can be felt; Give us homes where Father, Mother, Son and Daughter, Sister, Brother, All in prayer to God the Father, oft have knelt. Give us homes where faith is treas­ ured; Give us homes where joy is measured By the time and the devotion paid the Word; Give us homes where love is yearn­ ing for the soon returning; Give us homes where lives are cen­ tered in the Lord. — Dr, H. H. Savage We, too, need to watch ourselves that our testimony is not weakened or hampered by sin. Our self-sufficiency, egotism, forgetfulness, laziness, per­ sonal ambition, and business, are the birds that will put holes in our souls and make us poor vessels for the service of the King. These poles are not there to please themselves. A mas­ ter mind placed them there. Each of us is dormant in the hand of the Own­ er. The Lord comes along and plants us where He wants us to be. It is the pleasure of our blessed Lord to put His children where He desires us for His glory. God grant we may be what we should be for Christ. 6

Telephone Poles (Continued) each one does, is to hold up the wire, although the appearance may not be so attractive. Some Christians are like that. Some are well trained, cultured, educated and refined. Some of the poles are quite crooked, others are straight as a pencil. Some whom our Lord raises up to carry His message have been reared in Chris­ tian surroundings where a holy at­ mosphere pervades the home. Godli­ ness characterized the parents; right­ eousness marked the lives of the mem­ bers of the family. Another person, however, may have been reared in surroundings of quite a different na­ ture. The father a drunkard; the mother a brawling woman; wicked influences all around. From the day of his birth there was nothing of God. Then one day the grace of God appeared; the light of the Gospel fell upon his heart and his soul was touched and transformed by the sov­ ereign will of God. Both carry the same message of God’s love in Christ Jesus who is willing to pardon, to forgive, and to save. Some of the poles are quite short while others are long and all of them in the same line. Some people have turned to the Lord in their youth; others given the privilege of carry­ ing the message of grace only a few short years before their homegoing. We can never tell how long we will have the joy of testifying for the Lord Jesus. Our days are shorter than we think; their number is less than we imagine. Let us carry the message well while we have the opportunity. God has always had some servants who were greater than others. Some are wonderful preachers who can at­ tract thousands of people. They are raised up for the special purpose of reaching a special kind of sinner. There must be some who can give the Gospel in the palaces of the kings. All are not permitted to enter such places. There must be some raised up who can talk to the educated, the cul­ tured, the refined. God places His poles, His servants, where it pleases


the harnes

T here are some very interesting lessons to be drawn from har­ nesses. A lot of young people don’t know anything about such things since the automobile has come in; the horse has rather disappeared. We read in' Jeremiah 46:4, “Harness t h e horses.” At first glance that may seem to have no value. But every word of God is pure as silver, purified in a furnace of earth seven times. Harnesses tell us about death. Some animal had to die so that its skin might be made up into such an im­ plement. Death is essential for serv­ ice. The Christian who will not die daily is usually of very little service to His Lord. Then harnesses tell us of intelli­ gence. Not every one can make a set of harnesses. How would you start? Would you know how to cut out the pieces and which ones must be strong­ er than the others? The maker of a

harness must know the purpose for which each part is to be used. An intelligent mind works to produce a good harness. All the works of the Lord reveal that there is an intelli­ gent God, a living person actively working to devise blessings for man and beast. Only God can make leather. Man cannot produce it. Only God can make an animal with waterproof skin. The harness also tells us about serv­ ice. No one purchases a harness to hang on the wall as an ornament. A harness is made in order that the horse may be ultilized for the bless­ ings of men. The breast strap is there so the horse may pull. The hold back strap is there that the horse may re­ tard the progress of the vehicle. The harness is made of a certain weight. It will differ as to whether a plow or a buggy is to be pulled. So it is in Christian service. Our Lord enables (Continued on next page) 7

en unto me in pleasant places.” If the work you are doing for the Lord is not easy, then it isn’t of God. The harness speaks of beauty. It may be dressed up with brass or gold rings; sometimes beautiful jewels of colored glass adorn the harness in prominent places. All is not drab in the service of our King. He makes the service of the Lord more attractive for those who will permit Him to do so. The flowers and the fruits of suc­ cessful service are most delightful. What greater joy can there be than that of serving with profit so that hungry hearts are melted with the mercy of the Master and the work of the Lord is so attractive to one who knows- how to do it. The harness speaks of fitness; it must fit the animal. The Shetland pony cannot wear the same harness as that which is required by the larg­ er horse. Horses require harnesses of different sizes. Saul placed on David his huge armour, but David was of small stature. The Lord never expects us to fight in the armour of another person. He will provide each one of us with a harness for the battle, a harness that will fit us individually. He knows the size of your heart and the dimensions of your head.

Harnesses (Continued) some to do the pioneering work where strong men are needed. Others are chosen to do the easier work at home. Then the harness must have in its design a provision for the comfort of the horse, else it will pinch or bind THE MAN WITH THE CONSECRATED CAR He couldn't speak before a crowd; He couldn't teach a class; But when he came to Sunday school He brought the folks "enmasse." He couldn't sing to save his life; In public couldn't pray; But always his "jalopy" was Just crammed on each Lord's Day. And though he couldn't sing, nor teach, Nor even lead in prayer, He listened well; he had a smile, And he was always there— With all the others whom he brought Who lived both near and far— And God's work was greatly prospered For he had a consecrated car. and produce distress. The collar must be made wide, large and soft. Our Lord has said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” He, too, fits His service to the Christian. No wonder the Psalmist said, “The lines are fall­

Biola’s 1963 Torrey Memorial Bible Conference speakers gather for fellowship. They are from left to right: back row: Dr. W. Robert Smith, Rev. K. B. Daniels, Dr. Richard Chase, Dick Anthony, Dr. J. O. Percy, Dr. William F. Kerr, Dr. Ernest Malyon, Dr. John Whitcomb, Jr. Front row: Rev. Smith (father of Dr. Robert Smith), Dr. E. H. McComb, Dr. H. H. Ehrenstein, Dr. Ralph Keiper; Dr. Dwight Wadsworth, Dr. Charles Feinberg, Dr. S. H. Sutherland. 8


presidential convention of the ma­ jor political party. He lost to a political unknown on the final bal­ let. Running again for the Senate, he waged a campaign which cap­ tured the attention of the nation but which only netted him defeat. A man who may have had a right to feel discouraged but who evi- dentally never dwelt upon failure or defeat. Instead he dedicated himself to the ideals and principles in which he believed. His eventual reward was that he attained un­ dying fame as one of the greatest presidents our nation has ever known, Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps you are tempted to feel discouraged under the weight and load of the Cares and affairs of life. Remem­ ber the exhortation of Scripture, “Casting all your cares (worries, problems, frustrations, perplexi­ ties) upon Him (the Lord Jesus Christ), because He careth for you!" ( You are His special con­ cern.) Spirit is the driver of the believer and we should keep our eyes upon Him constantly. We should be sensi­ tive to His will and respond immedi­ ately to His touch ascertaining His holy purpose and plan. Finally, no harness would be com­ plete without two lines, the reins. Lines enable the driver to communi­ cate his mind and his will to the horse. In the Christian’s harness the lines represent the Old and the New Testaments. They are in the hands of the Holy Spirit who is the driver. By means of these He guides and leads us in paths that please Him. By these we are enabled to carry out the Lord’s purposes, to go where He wants us to go, to stay when He wants us to stay. May He bind each one of us, like a willing horse, to the harness of God, ready and willing to follow His gracious leading. 9

The next time you are tempted to he discouraged, remember the young man who had a very limited background, possessing little more than a self-administered education. When he completed military serv­ ice, he decided to enter politics and ran for a seat in the state legisla­ ture. As a result, he was soundly defeated. He retired from politics to try his hand at the storekeeper’s trade. The store went bankrupt. He spent the next 17 years of his life paying off his debts. He fell in love with a young woman and suf­ fered the heart-breaking experi­ ence of watching her die from ty­ phoid fever. He again entered poli­ tics, this time as a candidate for Congress. He was elected by a narrow m a r g i n but when he sought a position with the United States Land Office, he failed to get the job. He became a candidate for the United States Senate and was defeated. He was nominated for the Vice-Presidency of the Harnesses (Continued) By means of a hairnet ’ the horse is enabled both to go and to stop. There are times when he should go ahead. Then there are other times when he should stand still. The harness is iftade so he can do both. So it must be in our lives. There are times to go and times to stay; there are times to pull, there are times to hold back. Then it may be that the harness has on it a part which is called “the kicking strap.” The horse is prone to kick with his hind legs. A strap is adjusted so that the horse cannot raise its hips to kick. How sad it is when we see Christians on whom God has had to put a kicking strap. Some­ times a saint of God becomes a chron­ ic kicker. He complains about every­ thing in the church. Some harnesses are made with blinders on his harness. The Holy


parables and pearls


the stronger the evidence of a fruitful life. Scripture rightly ex­ horts us . . . “pray without ceas­ ing!” * * * When two egotists meet, it might well be a case of an " I " for an "I". * * * SINCERE, BUT DEADLY WRONG Tragedies sometimes occur when good citizens, well-meaning people, make mistakes. A news item re­ ported that in a certain New York hospital, carbon dioxide had been administered to a patient by mis­ take. The man was being prepared for a minor operation; a trained anesthetist was administering a controlled mixture of oxygen and gas. When one tank was exhaust­ ed, he switched to another labeled “oxygen.” Death was almost im­ mediate. The officials suspected an unfortunate accident and called the coroner. The autopsy revealed car­ bon dioxide poisoning. While the tank was labeled “oxygen," it was incorrectly identified. W i t h o u t question, the manufacturer was sincere, the surgeon was sincere, and most certainly the patient was sincere. Tragically, however, he died! There are many who are sin­ cere, but who are sincerely mis­ taken in regard to true Christian­ ity and salvation. Some have fool­ ishly said, “As Icing as I ’m sincere in what I believe, I ’ll be all right. There’s good in every religion. I ’ll take my chances!” The Bible tells us, in the words of the Lord Jesus, “He that heareth my word and be- lieveth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life. He that believeth 10


A young man was asked upon graduation f r o m a university, “Now what are your plans?" He responded brightly, “Oh, I’m going to hang out my shingle and prac­ tice law!” “But after that," was the persistent inquiry. “Certainly I hope to be a successful attorney, then perhaps even enter politics and maybe get elected." “That sounds good,” his inquirer respond­ ed, “but after that?" The young man hesitated for a moment, then answered with a sobering response, “I suppose I ’U grow old . . , and finally . . . die!" Eternity seemed to reach him before he started, but still the question came. “What then?” How quickly the moments of life rush by, and the cup of daily existence has ebbed out, and what then? “For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul.” Time is but a fleeting moment. The Bible truth rightly tells us, “I t is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9: 27). There is one unanswerable question to be found in God’s Word. We put it to you today in all the force of its meaning, “How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?" PRAYER SHOES An elderly saint of God declared, “Show me the toes of your shoes, and I ’U know how much you pray.” I f you kneel a few minutes a day, your shoes will carry creases in them where they have been bent. The more time dedicated to prayer,

ready made peace with God for us. We have the opportunity to accept God’s free gift, realizing that all our sins will be blotted out. “But to as many as received Him to them gave He the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.” * * * If our circumstances find us in God, we will find God in all our circumstances. * * * THE 23rd PSALM The television set is my shep­ herd; my spiritual growth shall want! It maketh me to sit down before it and do nothing for His name’s sake, because it requireth all my spare time. It keepeth me from doing my duty as a Christian, because it presenteth so many good shows that I must see. It restoreth my knowledge of the things of the world, and keepeth me from the study of God’s Word. It leadeth me in the paths of failing to attend the evening wor­ ship services, and doing nothing for the Kingdom of God. Yea, though I live to be a hun­ dred, I shall keep on viewing my TV as long as it will work, for it is my closest companion. Its sound and its picture (some­ times color), they comfort me. I t presenteth entertainment be­ fore me, and keepeth me from do­ ing important things with my fam­ ily. It fills my head with ideas which differ from those set forth in the Word of God. Surely, no good thing will come of my life, because my TV offereth me no good time to do the will of God; thus I will dwell in the place of the devil and his angels forever­ more. * A man may fall several times, but he isn't a failure until he starts blaming someone for pushing him. * *

on the Son hath life and he that believeth not the Son hath not life, but the wrath of God abideth on him.” Ponder the unanswerable question of Scripture, “How shall we escape ( everlasting death), if we negect (prolong or put off) so great a salvation?” * * * Foot printson the sands of time are not made by sitting down. * * * HAPPINESS IN A TAIL One day there was a supposed conversation which took place be­ tween an older dog and a little puppy. The small dog was running around in circles when the larger asked, “What in the world are you trying to do, chasing your tail so furiously?” The puppy responded brightly, “Why I’ve mastered phi­ losophy. I ’ve solved the problems of the universe, which no dog before me has rightly solved. I ’ve learned that the best thing for a dog is happiness, and that happiness is to be found in his tail, therefore I ’m chasing mine. And when I catch it, I shall have happiness!” To this the wise and older dog re­ joined, “Friend, I too have paid attention to these same problems and have formed some opinions. I, too, have judged that happiness is a fine thing for a dog and that happiness is in my tail. But I ’ve noticed that when I chase it, it keeps running after me, however, when I go about my business, it follows right on behind me.” This allegory points out the fact that there are many people today who vainly search for happiness yet who never really find it. It completely eludes them. The faster and more diligently they run after such things as money, pleasure, fame, wisdom, power and other earthly things, the more complex life itself becomes. It is only when one turns to Jesus Christ that he finds true joy and peace. For you see, our Saviour Himself, has al­


The Muscial Biolans, a student Gospel team frequently heard over the air, is currently presenting Sunday evening radio rallies in various churches of Southern California. From left to right (seated) are: Miss Linda West and Miss Sharon Warkentin (daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Walter Warkentin of Hume Lake); (stand­ ing) Mr. Paul Giddings, Mr. Dan Meyer, Miss Charlene Altig, and Mr. Boh Hilts. Services include West Los Angeles First Baptist Church, April 21; Whittier Hills Baptist Church, April 28; Whittier Community Brethren Church, May 5; Pomona Valley Baptist, May 12; Fast Whittier Baptist, May 19; and Hawthorne Acacia Avenue Baptist Church, May 26. The Biola Fellowship Plan If you are not receiving copies of the copy of this publication, please pass BROADCASTER monthly, you may it along to a friend so that he may also have them come to your home or office enroll in the Plan and receive these automatically by being a member of helpful monthly features from the the Biola Fellowship. This is a group broadcasts. of faithful donors who invest monthly Since all materials from the Biola in the distinctive ministries of the radio programs are included in the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. BROADCASTER, publication is gen- Specific monthly amounts are not set; erally completed near the end of the this is a matter between you and the specific month. Your patience is greatly Lord. In maintaining this 53 year old appreciated. work for the Saviour, we have found T _ r r £ >s ,} l j 1 would like to become a member ot that faithfulness on the part ot Uod s . „ ,, , . . . \ ... v the Biola rellowship. stewards is the important thing. You „ , . _ . . are invited to become co-laborers with M ‘ Fellowship Members receive a us in this vital testimony. The invest- Packet of envelopes (24 to expire m ment you make will bring you this tw0 years for monthly contributions), publication monthly, hereafter, without I am enclosing $................... this month, your request. , , . and would like to send $................... ....................- —-—..................... Address ................... .....—............. -— ■— ...........—......................................-..... - ' City and State ....................................................................... ......................................... ■— 12 ' If you are already a member or the Fellowship and have received an extra monthly for the ministries of Biola. Name ...— .........— — — ■

J . E dgar H oover forcefully declared, "The spectacle of men and women praying is more awe-inspiring than the atomic bomb. It is the greatest power in the entire universe!” Our nation’s first resource is not anti­ missile- missiles, a nuclear striking force, or atomic-powered submarines. Our first resource is prayer. The Scripture rightly asserts, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Most Christians are willing to talk to others about prayer. We may spend time listening to sermons on prayer, reading books about prayer, but actu­ ally we spend little time just talking to God in prayer about others. Phil Kerr used to say concerning the song, “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” “Why don’t we say, ‘Sweet Half-Hour of Prayer,’ or, ‘Sweet Five Minutes of Prayer,’ or, ‘Sweet BO Seconds of Prayer!’ For most Christians that’s about all the time ever spent in prayer.” Concerning the subject of prayer there are several essentials which must be carefully followed if we are to receive the answers from the Lord. Prayer is as rigorously guarded as a bank guards the privilege of cashing checks. To say merely that you be­

lieve in prayer is about like stating, “I believe in cashing checks.” There must be money in the bank before one can have the privilege of cashing checks. Before you can employ the full privilege of prayer, there must be something within the bank of heaven deposited to your account. The first essential is that we must believe in God. In Hebrews 11:6 we read, “He that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Recently on one of our panel discussions the question was sent in by a listener asking, “What are the minimum essentials for salvation?” We answered, “The minimum essen­ tials for salvation are the very same as the maximum essentials: personal belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.” A few days later someone wrote in quite disturbed. They asked, “Since the devil and the demons believe, how can be­ lief be enough? They surely aren’t saved.” This, of course, is true. But to believe about someone is far dif­ ferent than believing in this person. The word “'believe” embodies the whole aspect of Obedience. Sometimes (Continued on next page) 13

the righteous, and his ears are open to their cry; but the face of the Lord, is against them that do evil to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.” Our prayers must be in Jesus’ name. We cannot use a name unfamiliar to us. We have no right to go to God in the name of the Lord Jesus when we have never accepted the Lord Jesus as our Saviour. We are still enemies of the cross if we have never become reconciled to God. The Lord Jesus A MISSIONARY'S PRAYER Will you not pray for us? Each day we need Your prayers, for oft the way is rough and long. And our lips falter and forget their song, And we proclaim the Word men will not heed. Will you not pray for us? Alone we stand To stem the awful tide of sin and shame, To cast out demons in the Mighty Name Which is alone the hope of every land. Pray, pray for us! We are but vessels frail; The world's appalling need would crush us down Save that in vision we behold the crown Upon His brow who shall at length prevail. Not yet the crowning! Fields must yet be" won, Lives freely yielded, blood be spilt, Love cast out fear, redemption blot out guilt, Ere we behold the kingdom of God's .Son. Himself said, “Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” Then later, “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name, ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” The first essential is that we must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and the entire scope of the Gospel message. 14

Essentials of Prayer (Continued) the terms are used synonymously. In Romans 10:9 we read, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto. right­ eousness; and with the mouth con­ fession is made unto salvation.” I t is not a head assent but a heart under­ standing and possession of the truth. The Gospel is summarized in the 15th chapter of the book of 1st Corinthians in which the Holy Spirit, using the authorship of the apostle Paul, de­ clares : “For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins accord­ ing to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scrip­ tures” (w . 3 and 4). This is the message we are to believe. We must believe more than just that there is a great Creator, a great someone somewhere who holds the keys to an unlimited supply depot. Our belief then is in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, as clear­ ly delineated in the Word of God. Have you heard of the man who, while working on a roof one day, felt himself falling? So he cried out in a loud voice, “Lord, save me!” On the way down, while he slipped off the roof, the seat of his pants caught on a protruding nail. He was spared. So his next words were, “Never mind Lord, I’m okay after all.” This is not real belief in God; it is a form of “fox hole” religion. The Lord Jesus said, “Verily, veri­ ly, I say unto you. He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life” (John 5:24). There is only one prayer the Lord hears an unsaved individual of­ fer. That is, “God be merciful to me a sinner, and save me for Christ’s sake.” In Psalm 34:15 and 16 (re­ peated again in I Peter 3:12), we read, “The eyes of the Lord are upon

unconfessed sin in my life), the Lord will not hear me.” Sometimes it may seem that our prayers go no higher than the proverbial ceiling. I t could well be that there is some unconfessed sin in our lives. “If we confess our sin?, he is faithful and just to for­ give us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” “He that believeth on me,” the Lord Jesus says, “as the scripture hath said, out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.” Too many of us are like the woman who tied all of her washing up in a bundle and took it down to the river­ side. There she dropped it in to the water and jogged it up and down a few times. She didn’t ’even bother to untie it. The laundry was far from being clean. We come to God at the end of thé day and say, “0 God, for­ give my sins. God bless me. God bless my wife. God bless my son, his wife, us four, no more. Amen.” That’s about all there is to it. God wants us to come and freely confess our sins. Here we find restored fellowship and joy for our life once again. “Behold the Lord’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save, neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear; but your iniqui­ ties have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you that He will not hear.” The majority of defeats for the Christian come because we have failed to keep open the prayer life chan­ nels. We don’t take the time to stop and make our hearts clean. A man was chopping away at a pile of wood. A friend came along and saw the man laboring industriously. It didn’t take him long to see that his ax was dull. “Why don’t you take the time to stop and sharpen the ax?” The man responded, “Goodness no, it’s hard enough now without stop­ ping for that.” Think of your own life. You may say to yourself, “Life is hard enough now without taking the time to pray!” Prayer is our first and only resource. The Lord Jesus said, “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out!”

The second essential is that, as God’s children, we must come with a clean heart. Some years ago archaeologists tried to uncover what was known as the Fountain of the Maiden in the ancient Roman forum. They had dug in vari­ ous places but were unsuccessful in uncapping the natural well. Then one enterprising young scientist insisted FORGET IT if you see a tall fellow ahead of the crowd, A leader of music, marching fearless and proud. And you know of a tale whose mere telling aloud Would cause his proud head to in anguish be bowed, It's a pretty good plan to forget it. If you know of a skeleton hidden away In the closet', and guarded and kept from the day, In the dark; whose showing, whose sudden display Would cause grief and sorrow and lifelong dismay, It's a pretty good plan to forget it. If you know of a spot in the life of a friend (We all have spots concealed, world without end), Till the shame of it showing no griev­ ing could mend, It's a pretty good plan to forget it. If you know of a thing that will darken the joy Of a man or a woman, a girl or a boy That will wipe out a smile or the least way annoy Or perhaps cause gladness then to de­ stroy It's a pretty good plan to forget it. that they go down deeper in one par­ ticular spot. Finally, the ashes and debris of the centuries was uncov­ ered ; the Fountain of the Maiden once again gushed forth with all of its beauty and crystal-clear refreshment. That is what is needed in our hearts. The Psalmist declared, “If I regard iniquity in my heart (if there is some

He wants to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think. That great missionary leader, William Carey, said, “Attempt great things for God, and then expect great things fom God!” The children of Israel sent out spies to look over the land, to see if it was ready for invasion. But the people accepted the report of the majority and decided not to move at God’s command. As a result they wandered for forty years in the wilderness. We, as God’s children are often like the children of Israel. We wander around forlornly and fruitlessly, as far as our ministry is concerned, while God says to go in and possess the land. “O ye of little faith.” Merv Rosell tells of the time he was conducting revival services in the mid­ west. The first night the people gath­ ered for instruction and prayer. After the service was over an elderly man came up and said, “Dr. Rosell, I just want you to know, I’ve been in this town for forty years. I’ve seen preach­ ers come and preachers go. This is the evangelists’ graveyard! It is impossi­ ble to have revival in this town or church; but I just want you to know I’ll be praying for you.” In his inimit­ able manner, Merv answered, “Sir, if you don’t mind, I’d just as soon you didn’t. What’s the use? If it can’t happen, why bother to pray? If you don't believe that God can do some­ thing why take His time to pray about it? ” The Bible tells us that. Abraham staggered not at the promises of God through unbelief, but that he was strong in the faith. Is there anything too hard for God? Your troubles, your difficult circumstances at work, your problems in the home; are any of these too hard for the Lord? A brok­ enhearted woman wrote the other day and said, “You know, I’ve been pray­ ing for my husband for so long, it just seems he gets harder and harder as the days go by. It’s so difficult to pray without any hope!” Our hearts were full of sympathy because we know the heartbreak; we get letters like


T he third essential of prayer for the Christian is to come to God in confidence. We must believe that the Lord can do something, and wants to do something in our lives. You have heard of the little girl in a certain midwest church who went to a prayer meeting which had been called to ask the Lord to send rain. She was the only one who had enough faith to take along an umbrella. This is the type of faith we need. No. wonder the Lord Jesus had to say to his disciples, as to us of these days, “O ye of little faith.” Why are we so surprised when God does the miraculous? He wants to do it day by day in our lives, as well as in the lives of our loved ones.

this every day. What tragedies there are in the life of countless thousands. In kindness we wrote back, “It’s hard­ er yet to hope without prayer. Prayer moves the mighty hand of God. When it seems hardest to pray we need to pray the hardest.” The third essential for prayer is that we must come in confidence. The fourth essential we want to put be­ fore you is that we must ask accord­ ing to God’s will, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. So often our prayers are like those the Apostle James describes in the fourth chapter and the third verse. “You ask and you fail to receive because you ask amiss, because you ask with the wrong pur­ pose and a selfish motive.” “This is the confidence we have that if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us.” Someone may say, “What about the little things in my life? Should they be taken to God in prayer?” But what things in our life are not little to God ? While I was living in Chicago, the Christian Busi­ nessmen’s Committee took an interest­ ing survey. They sent out a question­ naire to all of the pastors and the Christian workers in the area, full time ministers of the Gospel. The question they asked was, “How much * * * Darkness only makes the lamp of grace shine more brightly. * * * Keep your heart full of the oil of the spirit, and you'll soon have a face to "match" it. * * * N ew Time For SAN FRANCISCO 8:30-9:00 A M . KFAX , 1100 kc. ALSO: Evenings Covering the West KGO, 810 kc. 9 P.M.

time do you personally spend in prayer and Bible study every week?” The average turned out to be six. Not six hours, but six minutes. But not six minutes a day, six minutes a week. No wonder the church is so powerless when it is so prayerless. Coming from Scotch ancestry I am interested in the story of how these folk used to utter ejaculatory prayers many years ago. A man might be working in his fields when all of a sudden he would look up to heaven and say, “Lord save me!” Or a wo­ man, busy in the home, would lift her head and rapidly utter, “Lord help me!” The people erroneously thought that the devil would stop their prayers as they ascended up into the presence of God. So they had to get them in quickly. Perhaps we have reverted to the policy of the Scotch. That’s about the extent of most people’s prayers. We take so little time to meet with the Lord, and to have communion and fellowship with Him. A large pipe organ was to be in­ stalled in a New York church. The service was scheduled for a certain Sunday afternoon for the dedication. As the organist depressed his fingers to the keyboard not one sound came from the console. The custodian im­ mediately realized what had happened. The electricity had not been turned on. So he hastily wrote out a note and handed it to one of the ushers. He in turn took it to the preacher. When the preacher read the note he understood the problem and began with prayer, for the note said, “After the prayer the power will be on.” Isn’t that what we need in our lives? Prayer will give us £ ritual power. If your life seems fruitless and filled with foreboding, frustrations and failures, turn to God in prayer. “Be­ lieve on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” That is the first essential. Then come with a clean heart. Approach the throne expecting God to work. And finally come asking according to God’s will. Thereby your life will be both blessed and become a blessing to others. 17


Panel Discussions

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(Interesting questions sent in by radio listeners)

Q. Kent, Washington — “The question was brought up, What is the only un­ forgivable sin? The answer given was refection of Jesus Christ. The thing that puzzles me is the answer I have always prepared in my mind. I thought it was the act of suicide. A. The only unpardonable or unfor­ givable sin is the rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is spoken of as blas­ phemy against the Holy Ghost. There are those who have committed suicide when they have lost their reasonings. Q. Spokane, Washington — “Why don’t Biola students go to movies” A. This is a very tender subject in the minds of many people. People some­ times-do not understand our position here at Biola in connection with the moving picture industry. There are several reasons why we do not, nor do we allow our students to go to the movies. The majority of Hollywood personalities have little time or in­ terest in the things of the Lord. How can one make a profession for Christ while attending the movies? As Chris­ tians, if we talk about purity of life, mind, heart and body, it is inconsistent to go to the movies where people find fleshly gratification. We believe that basically the commercial moving pic­ ture industry is based upon the sensual and physical. (It is true in their ad­ vertising as well.) Some years ago, when the first picture of the Ten Com­ mandments was produced, they tried to make a decent film out of it. As a result it was a financial flop at the box office. They added some sex thrills in connection with the breaking of the commandments. Then the Ten Com­ mandments paid off. For the sake of a dollar the moving picture producers

are willing to sell their souls, and the souls of countless thousands of young people. If we go to the moving picture theatre, we are supporting, by our money, that sort of a life. Not only this, it is also a waste of time for such amusements. Films do not cause one to grow spiritually, Q. Pueblo, Colorado — “Did God create Adam perfect?" A. Yes. The Scripture indicates that Adam was the product of God’s direct activity. There were no intermediates and God needed no other help. Adam was made in the likeness of God. There was no flaw in God’s work. Adam fell afterwards because of sin, indicated in the third chapter of Genesis. Q. Vista, California — “When and by whom was the Apostle’s Creed first written?” A. It was certainly never drafted nor promulgated by the apostles. It seems to have come immediately after the apolostic age, perhaps in the second or third century. We do not know who drew it up. It is good as far as it goes but it has left out great areas of truth. For instance, it has very little con­ cerning the coming of the Lord. There is nothing in it concerning the inspira­ tion of the Scriptures. It has very little to say about the Trinity. It is not in­ spired as is the Bible. Q, Boise, Idaho — “I have heard many explanations of Luke 16:9, but I won­ der if you would give me yours?” A. This is the parable of the unjust steward who realized he was going to be put out of his place and so he wanted to make friends. To those who

owed his master a certain amount he said, “I’ll give you a great reduction; 20%, 30%, 50%.” His master com­ mended him for doing wisely. “Make to yourselves friends of the mammon (Arabic, ‘money’) of unrighteousness, that, when ye fail, (when the money fails) they may receive you into the everlasting habitations.” This teaches us that we should use our money wise­ ly. Though money may be used ninety- nine times out of a hundred in unright­ eous ways, gotten that way, maintained that way, and spent that way, yet God’s people can use it wisely. And how can it best be used? Why to make eternal friends in glory by winning souls for Christ. What better way to invest your mammon than in the training of young people for the Gospel ministry around the world? Q. Central California — “I married an unbeliever, therefore all my children are unsaved. Will God hold me respon­ sible?” A. Unfortunately there are many who marry unbelievers. A multitude and multiplexity of problems are always created. But keep in mind that children are unsaved not simply because a per­ son marries an unbeliever. Children of

New Field Representative Appointed for Oregon

Mr. Theron Dabour Mr. Dabour has been a zealous worker for Christ as a salesman in New York. We welcome him into the Biola family. believers have to accept the Lord Jesus Christ for themselves, as well, when they come to the age of accountability. God holds each of us responsible for bringing our children Up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We our­ selves can never save them; they must make the decision for themselves. Q. Spokane, Washington — “Will faith, hope and charity continue in heaven? I f so, why?” A. Our word “charity” has come to mean something quite different than the translation here. The word is more properly “love” and certainly it will continue. The love of God is eternal! Faith, so far as is necessary to salva­ tion, will not be needed in heaven. When we get there we will walk by sight. We will, however, have faith in God in a fuller sense of the word. In glory we will have a realization, not a hoped for- hope. It is difficult for the finite mind to comprehend that which is infinite. 19

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