2023 Pohlad Companies Annual DEI Report

202 3 Annual Report Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

All In.

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03 Introduction • All In on DEI • Our Promise and Values • Pohlad Companies approach to DEI • DEI Strategy Team and Committees 16 Equity • Center for Economic

09 Numbers • Women in the Workforce • P eople of color in the Workforce • Our Goals • Our Community Partners 19 Inclusion • Women’s Summit • Carousel Motor Group Engagement Committee • Creator’s Corner at Target Field • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

12 Diversity • Diverse Vendor Fair • Multifamily Magnified • Creators for Color

Inclusion’s Racial Equity Dividends Index

• Sponsorship Program

All In on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion As we begin to transition to the next generation, I want to reaffirm our commitment to fostering a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within our organization. Our continued conversations confirm that supporting DEI is a business imperative and the right thing to do. We embrace these values and actively champion them in all aspects of our work.

We value diverse life experiences and what they bring to our organizations and work to reflect these values within our culture. Most importantly, we want to ensure that our commitment is more than words – we need to put it into action.

We commit to building on our efforts from 2023 and previous years by expanding our all-employee DEI speaker series, which invites experts to share their knowledge and resources to raise awareness and foster understanding within our teams. We commit to continued open dialogue through our newly launched employee resource groups, employee coffee talks, and by gathering feedback from our Employee Pulse survey. This ensures that our employees have a voice and the opportunity to influence our actions. We strive to recognize and address inequities in our policies and programs and to be inclusive in all we do.

Everyone in our organization is encouraged to participate and work together to build a more inclusive workplace. Progress requires a shared responsibility: Board of Directors, Executive Team, Business Leaders, and every employee.

Tom Pohlad Executive Chair

I am proud to stand behind my family’s commitment to DEI work at Pohlad Companies and in our broader community. Whether it be a life-changing trip to the Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery or smaller day to day initiatives, I am reminded that we have taken so many important steps, yet we have so much work left to do. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the foundations we must build our futures on, and the goals we must work towards unapologetically and uncompromisingly. Participating in this work, observing it, and hearing feedback on it all invigorates me. I care deeply about the commitments we have made to each Pohlad Companies employee, and I believe everyone else in my family would say the same. Thank you all for your contributions to this mission.

Allie Pohlad Board Member, Pohlad Family Foundation


All In on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Throughout my professional career, I’ve had the privilege of working with and supporting incredible employees from diverse backgrounds. As a leader, my personal mission is to build and nurture an environment of connection, support, and growth. I’m dedicated to helping our employees do their best work. My commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion remains strong. We are expanding our network of people, programs, and resources to help employees with their development. I deeply respect the uniqueness of our employees and honor their individual values. To me, diversity, equity, and inclusion at Pohlad Companies means fostering an environment where everyone can be comfortable bringing their personal experiences, perspectives, and background to work and can thrive here. There is more work to be done, but with the help of our employees, leaders, and the community we can achieve our goals. This isn’t just a professional obligation; it’s my personal commitment because I am All In.

$25M committed by the family to help fight for racial justice 37 DEI committee members across operating businesses 2025 when we expect to reach our goals for people of color in the workforce 1 shared commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Melissa Bakeberg Chief Human Resources Officer

At Pohlad Companies our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion stems from valuing diverse perspectives and the belief that when we all thrive; we all prosper. Our work on diversity, equity and inclusion is driven by our core values of respect, relationships, teamwork, and involvement. We are working every day to make sustainable progress and engage in actions that support an environment of equity, and fairness for our employees and the communities we serve. I hope this year’s report will highlight the commitment of our businesses, the impact of our Sponsorship Program and growth of our Employee Resource Groups; just some of the ways that we are taking action. I’m thankful to the Pohlad family, our leaders and employees who have demonstrated a commitment to learning, have engaged in thoughtful discussion and are ready to act. We continue to show that DEI work is imperative and that we are All In.

Erryn Williams Chief Talent and Diversity Officer


We are ALL IN. We are committed to the full experience of belonging and success for all employees while making a purposeful impact within our community. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Promise

We will recognize the uniqueness of all employees, and value how a diverse team’s perspectives and experience s will help our organization. We will grow and evolve our culture in ways that give all employees a sense of belonging, engagement and opportunity. We will listen, learn and engage with partners in the wider community, to push meaningful change beyond the walls of our organization. These are priorities for us in thought, decision and action because we believe that when talent and innovation thrive, we all will prosper – our employees, our businesses and our communities. Definitions Diversity: Is defined as the presence of differences in a group. It’s what makes us unique individuals. Diversity comes in many dimensions both primary (what is seen or experienced) and secondary (what you can’t see or is unknown). As an organization we strive to understand, respect, and value differences . Equity: While equality is about treating everyone the same, equity is more about realizing that people aren’t always on equal footing to start . To ensure equitable treatment within our organization one of our first steps was to review policies and processes and adjust so that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. Inclusion: Is about the feeling of belonging . As an organization, we are committed to the full engagement and experience of all our employees— ensuring everyone feels welcome, respected, and valued.

Our Values The Pohlad Companies are comprised of diverse businesses, united by a proud legacy, creating value and opportunities for our employees, customers, communities and the family.

Integrity: Ethical standards are never compromised. We do things the right way.

Respect: We value each other’s experiences, differences, perspectives and talents. We are open ; we listen; we always treat others with fairness and professionalism. Performance: We set and achieve measurable, meaningful objectives. We compete aggressively, always striving to be the best. Relationships: Our success depends on strong long-term relationships with our customers and communities.

Teamwork: We work together. We achieve more.

Involvement: We make a difference through our interest, participation and contributions to our communities.

Clarity: How we communicate is important. We are concise and transparent to ensure understanding and mutual commitment.

Accountability: We take responsibility. We do what we say we will do.


Developed by United Properties, the 37-story RBC Gateway tower on Nicollet Mall is Minneapolis’ newest skyscraper. The 1.2 million-square-foot building houses the US headquarters of RBC Wealth Management, the Pohlad Companies, and a Four Seasons Hotel.

Pohlad Companies Approach to DEI

• Build an inclusive culture: Build a culture that fosters belonging so that everyone feels valued. • Hire talent: Diversify our talent pipeline and develop inclusive processes so our hires are reflective of the available talent pool. • Create career growth opportunities: Focus on development opportunities so diverse talent can achieve their goals.

• Ensure equitable process es and policies: Review, disrupt and redesign policies and practices to reduce bias. • Develop community partnerships: Partner with organizations that advance our DEI aspirations while demonstrating support to their own missions or business goals.


DEI Resources Across Pohlad Companies In addition to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy team, committees have been formed within each of our operating businesses. 2023 DEI Strategy Team

Tom Pohlad Executive Chair

Ben Hawn President & Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Bakeberg Chief Human Resources Officer

Erryn Williams Chief Talent and Diversity Officer

Allie Pohlad Board Member

Matt Van Slooten* Chief Executive Officer United Properties

Dave St. Peter* President Minnesota Twins

Bert Libke* Managing Director Northmarq

Chase Hawkins* Chief Executive Officer Carousel Motor Group

Susan Bass Roberts President Pohlad Family Foundation

2023 Business DEI Champions

PAR Systems Karla Leis Chief Executive Officer Rachel Resnick Senior Vice President, Human Resources

United Properties Sarah Veith Executive Vice President, Organizational Development & Human Resources

Northmarq Jay Donaldson President, Fannie Mae/FHA Michael Chase Managing Director, Debt & Equity BJ Feller Managing Director, Investment Sales

Minnesota Twins Joe Pohlad Executive Chair

Leticia Silva Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Brandon Champeau Senior Vice President

Stephanie Mullenmeister Head of Talent Development & Organizational Development Angela Silver Corporate Accounting Manager

Cecilia Lettner Director, Inclusion and People Development Pohlad Companies Carrie Andersen Director Internal Communications

Laura Rogers General Counsel

Deon Green Vice President, Debt & Equity Christina Grimme Vice President, Debt & Equity Kathy Locke Regional Marketing Manager

Lynn Camp Vice President, Corporate Finance

Michael Stifter Advanced Design Engineer

Judy Jandro Vice President, Capital Markets

Camrin King Human Resources Coordinator

Danny Langen Senior Process Engineer

Janelle MacLean Corporate ESG Manager

Moses Onyangore Associate Manager, Loan Servicing

Elise Rodich Mechanical Engineer

Erin Stevens Senior Development Manager Estuardo Cabrera Application Support Specialist

Chanel Tobias Senior Investment Analyst

Brittany Barth Finance Leader


* Indicates strategy team member who also serves as a DEI Champion at their respective operating company.

Allie Pohlad spoke at the second annual Pohlad Companies Women’s Summit. 8

Numbers This report reflects where we are today. It’s part of our initial effort to be transparent about our collective work. There is no magic solution to this complex work. But we know that by better understanding the data, we can adjust and make informed decisions.

Total Workforce

Minnesota Twins Carousel Motor Group Northmarq PAR Systems United Properties Pohlad Companies***

Women in the Workforce

POC in the Workforce


















First/Mid-Level Officials & Managers

Executive/Senior Level Officials



First/Mid-Level Officials & Managers

Executive/Senior Level Officials


2022 2023

2022 2023

Data is a retrospective review of representation for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2023, and 2022. ***Includes R iver Road Entertainment , P ohlad Family Foundation , and P ohlad Investment Management .





Our Goals

Pohlad Companies Employee Volunteer Day 2023 with Bridging at Target Field

35% women in the workforce across Pohlad Companies by 2025 15% People of color in the workforce across Pohlad Companies by 2025

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, it’s crucial for companies to invest in employees by fostering a sense of belonging. We’re always seeking ways to bring in, keep, and develop our teams. We know, and the data shows, that employees who are comfortable being themselves at work drive innovation, productivity, and growth; and have more longevity within the organizations they are part of. Our workplace thrives on the strength of our people. Our goal is to empower employees to unlock their potential for career growth and making a real impact. We’re intentional about creating an inclusive environment where everyone can truly be themselves and pave their own path to success. We reinforce our core values and build on our DEI priorities through inclusive experiences, events, and educational sessions led by our DEI champions. It’s all about backing up what we believe in. Our Pohlad businesses play a pivotal role in this work. They’re catalysts amplifying our core values. They carry the torch for our commitment to inclusivity and growth. This mindset is interwoven into the fabric of our success. I’m committed to holding myself and our leaders fully accountable for engaging in this work and bringing DEI to life. We’ve made progress in strengthening our ability to be seen as an employer who is devoted to this journey. I encourage all our employees, leaders, and partners to do their part because we are All In.

Ben Hawn President & Chief Operating Officer


Our Community Partners

We aim to push meaningful change beyond the walls of our organization and are pleased to partner with the following regional and national organizations.

Our Values Bridging Northmarq has partnered with Briding in an effort to empower people to thrive in their homes by providing quality furniture and household goods for those pursuing housing stability.

Our Values Northside Achievement Zone Carousel Motor Group joined Northside Achievement Zone on its mission to end multi-generational poverty in North Minneapolis by building a culture of achievement where all low-income children of color have the support they need to graduate high school and succeed in college, career, and life.

The Journey School PAR Systems joined The Journey School in its work to provide all students with the values, skills, and knowledge needed to embark on their life-long journey to success.

Our Values Special Olympics United Properties supports Special Olympics’ mission to create a new world of inclusion and acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities, by providing year-round sports training and athletic competitions, inclusive healthcare programs, leadership and advocacy training, and inclusive school programs.

Our Values Twin Cities Pride Minnesota Twins joined Twin Cities Pride to empower every LGBTQ+ person to live as their true self. Twin Cities Pride envisions a future where all LGBTQ+ people are valued and celebrated for who they are.

Our Values TB1 Fund Carousel Motor Group has partnered with TB1Fund in an effort to further Braxton (aka Brax) and TB1Fund’s mission of brightening days for patients and families going through life saving treatment at the University of MN Masonic Children’s Hospital.


We believe in creating an inclusive business environment that fosters equal opportunities for all. Our partnership with Ascend Twin Cities and MEDA further strengthens our commitment to promoting diversity in our industry.

Janelle MacLean Corporate ESG Manager United Properties Inclusion & Diversity Committee Chair

United Properties launches Vendor & Supplier Diversification Program and hosts first Annual Diverse Vendor Fair

In 2022, the Vendor & Supplier Diversification Task Force worked together to design United Properties’ Vendor & Supplier Diversification Program, which launched in March 2023. The program aims to grow and expand the diversification of vendors and suppliers that we partner with. • Commitment: United Properties is committed to developing and fostering a diverse and inclusive supply chain — one that is reflective of the communities where we work and live. Our Vendor & Supplier Diversification Program focuses on partnerships with businesses owned by women and minorities to promote innovation, support economic growth, and create opportunities for all. This initiative is essential to our mission of deepening our commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. • Mission: United Properties is committed to expanding procurement opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses in our communities. United Properties established a Vendor & Supplier Diversification Task Force to ensure effective, accelerated, and sustainable diversification.


United Properties Vendor & Supplier Diversification Task Force (Left to right: Cavonte Johnson, Janelle MacLean, Renee Kirscht-Rascher, Jaqui Hunner, Laura Rogers).

United Properties is a proud corporate anchor participant in the MEDA’s Ascend Twin Cities program, a partnership that aims to foster diversity and inclusion in the business community.

MEDA, which stands for Metropolitan Economic Development Association, is a nonprofit organization that provides business consulting, access to capital, and market opportunities to minority-owned businesses. Ascend Twin Cities is a part of a national network founded by the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Ascend Twin Cities, operated by MEDA, focuses on developing and expanding the capacity of diverse suppliers, particularly those owned by people of color, to participate in the supply chains of corporate partners. The program provides a supportive environment where diverse suppliers can grow and succeed in their respective industries. As part of its commitment to inclusive procurement, United Properties recently hosted its first annual Diverse Vendor Fair, bringing together key stakeholders from our Development and Asset Management Teams, Property Management Teams, and general contractors. The Diverse Vendor Fair provided a platform for connection and collaboration, giving our teams the chance to network with 15 remarkable vendors from various backgrounds.


Northmarq’s Moses Onyangore featured in Fannie Mae’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion spotlight series ‘Multifamily Magnified’ This summer the Fannie Mae D elegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Subcommittee launched its “Multifamily Magnified.” spotlight series. It’s a four-month social media campaign that showcases up-and-coming industry talent from historically underrepresented groups across the DUS lender network – which Northmarq is in.

And as part of that spotlight, Moses Onyangore was selected to be highlighted.

“It’s a huge honor and very humbling to be recognized in this series,” said Moses, a loan portfolio manager and member of Northmarq’s DEI Committee. “Every day I continue to learn more about DEI, and I hope by lending my voice to this series that others will as well.”

The post with Moses reads: “See how Moses Onyangore from Northmarq is supporting and encouraging commitment to diversity and inclusion across the multifamily industry.” It is attached to the above image .

“We’re so excited that Moses was selected to be highlighted in this series and are thankful for his willingness to participate in it,” said Jay Donaldson, Northmarq president and Fannie Mae DUS DEI Subcommittee member. “He is a great example for all of us to follow – whether it’s the quality of his work or the quality of his character.”

Northmarq has made strides in its DEI journey this year, launching the DEI Speaker Series (Moses hosted the inaugural event) and the DEI Committee.

If you want to help expand DEI efforts, Moses encourages everyone to just be more curious. “You don’t know what you don’t know, but don’t be afraid of being wrong,” Moses said. “Ask a lot of questions and engage in conversations with your colleagues. "

“When you respectfully speak about what you believe, you give others permission to do so as well.”



Minnesota Twins sponsor and host Creators of Color Conference, recognizing diverse talent in the creative and marketing space in sports Black, Latin x , Asian, and minority ethnicities account for nearly 40% of North American sports fans but comprise less than 12% of the creative industry. Creators of Color is a career enablement platform and creative community for the trailblazers of the sports entertainment creator economy. Each year, Creators of Color spotlights and empowers sports entertainment creatives 21-33 years old who identify as Black, Latinx, Asian, and People of Color.


This year Pohlad Companies was part of The Center of Economic Inclusion’s Racial Equity Dividends Index for the Private Sector, a comprehensive tool that businesses opt into to measure their progress toward building inclusive workplaces in Minnesota. This year, 15 private-sector businesses achieved high-scoring status: 3M, Allina Health, Allianz, Best Buy, Bremer, Carousel Motor Group, Gillette Children’s, Grant Thornton, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures, Minnesota Twins, Mortenson, PAR Systems, Pohlad Companies, United Properties, and U.S. Bank. “The Index findings not only affirm that the critical work to build racially equitable and inclusive workplaces is well underway, but underscores the leadership champions, accountability mechanisms, and sustained commitment it requires,” said Tawanna A. Black, Founder and CEO of The Center for Economic Inclusion Pohlad Companies and four operating companies score high in The Center for Economic Inclusion’s 2023 Racial Equity Dividends Index for the Private Sector

Employees at United Properties assembled 1,000 snack packs for PRISM, benefitting local children facing food insecurity.


Sponsorship Program

The Pohlad Companies Sponsorship Program has afforded me the opportunity to stretch myself both personally and professionally. The Sponsorship Program takes a holistic approach in terms of development and has provided me with useful tools to help me thrive within the organization. Additionally, the discourse and interactions I’ve experienced with my Program cohort has been invaluable in pushing my thinking and broadening my perspective on leadership and development within the organization. Participation in the Sponsorship Program is one of the many ways the Pohlad Compan ies invests in its people, and I believe is one of the clearest examples of how the organization lives out its values. I truly feel honored to have participated in the Program.

Wyatt Littles Senior Associate Counsel MInnesota Twins

The Sponsor program’s most impactful element was the supportive mentor relationship. Having a trusted advisor provided invaluable feedback, facilitated professional development opportunities and conversations, and created a safe space for vulnerability and growth. This program not only expanded my network and revealed career paths within Pohlad Companies, but also fostered emotional intelligence and strengthened my communication skills. It truly humanized leadership by fostering a safe space for open, honest, and growth-oriented sharing.

Amber Eustice Director, Digital Marketing Experience Northmarq


The second annual Pohlad Companies Women’s Summit was held on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

2023 Pohlad Companies Women’s Summit

The second annual Pohlad Companies Women’s Summit was held Thursday, September 21 , 2023 . The Pohlad Companies Women’s Summit, in partnership with woman owned leadership development firm, Leadership Delta, seeks to educate, inspire action, and create long-lasting connections among the employees of various Pohlad Companies. The theme for 2023 was Thrive Together ; taking time to honor unique talents, perspectives, and experiences as women in business. This full-day summit offered 200 women the opportunity to come together and build a sense of community within the Pohlad companies while strengthening their leadership skills. We learned so much from Ashley Kirsner at Skip the Small Talk, Kristin Jonason from the The Prouty Project, Dr. Joi Lewis, Leah Phifer and Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC from Let’s Talk Women’s Health. Plus, an incredible panel with women leaders from Pohlad Companies, Donna Turner, Senior Director of Operations, PAR , and Leticia Silva, SVP HR, Minnesota Twins shared their experiences as women leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion not only shows up in programs, representation, and processes. It lives with the culture and fiber of the organization. The result is a workplace where there is deep trust, respect, and empathy among our teams. At Pohlad Companies, we are focused on ensuring that we live our values, and that our organization is a place where every employee feels seen, heard, and valued.

Melissa Bakeberg Chief Human Resources Officer


Audi Minneapolis and Audi St. Paul employees walked in the Twin Cities Pride March on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

Carousel Motor Group creates employee-driven Engagement Committee As part of Carousel Motor Group’s (CMG) celebration of National Diversity Month in April, CMG created an Engagement Committee to ensure employees are involved with its DEI and Charitable Giving efforts. Here are just a few of the ways the Engagement Committee helped to educate and celebrate DEI throughout 202 3 : • Black History Month: There are many stories that have yet to be told about the history of Black America including many Black pioneers within the automotive industry. During Black History Month, CMG highlighted Black individuals who have guided the industry to where we are now. They included Garrett Morgan, inventor of the three-position traffic signal, McKinley Thompson Jr., Ford’s first Black automobile designer who helped conceptualize the Mustang and Bronco, and Homer B. Roberts, the first Black car dealer. • PRIDE: Audi St. Paul and Audi Minneapolis celebrated Pride at the Twin Cities Pride Parade with employees walking along an all-electric Pride Audi Q4.


Minnesota Twins partner with U.S. Bank to o pen Inclusive Makers Market at Target Field focused on businesses owned by women and BIPOC Using their shared platforms to spotlight and elevate Twins Territory small businesses and entrepreneurs from underserved communities, the Twins and U.S. Bank introduced the “Creator’s Corner presented by U.S. Bank” to Target Field in 2023. Beginning with the Twins regular season Home Opener, this unique retail space inside of Gate 34 at Target Field was home to three businesses for the entire season, with a new trio to be featured each subsequent year. The Twins collaborate with the companies to feature, promote and sell their products at Target Field, and also make a financial investment in each partner business. The inaugural 2023 Creator’s Corner presented by U.S. Bank showcase d Must Be Ruff from Brooklyn Park, Native Roots Trading Post from St. Paul, and SJC Body Love from St. Paul. Each company sold a variety of items from their product line at each of the Twins 81 regular season home games, plus Postseason contests. Retail support, including staffing, is provided by Twins foodservice and retail partner Delaware North, allowing the companies to maintain operations both at Target Field and their brick-and-mortar locations. Get to know one of the 2023 Creator’s Corner vendors below:

SJC Body Love Growing up with eczema, Sabrina Jones experienced the adverse effects of synthetic lotions and medicated treatments. Her struggle continued into adulthood, when she suffered headaches, dry skin, allergies, and anxiety from a high-stress career in child protection. When she became pregnant, she knew she needed to take control of her health and find a better way to deal with the stress and take care of her skin. She researched essential oils and started combining them with other natural ingredients, such as shea butter and carrier oils. Her mental and physical health improved significantly, and she had a healthy pregnancy. Her experience sparked a passion for helping others with similar health issues. In 2015, she founded SJC Body Love – her own line of hand-crafted skincare made with clean, simple ingredients and a lot of TLC.


As part of its’ commitment to inclusive procurement, United Properties recently hosted its’ first annual Diverse Vendor Fair.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGS) are voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve. Here are just a few of the ERGs across Pohlad Companies. Employee Resource Groups

Minnesota Twins •

Twins MVP (Veterans) Twins PRIDE (LGBTQIA+)

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) at PAR help cultivate a supportive community, enhancing our commitment to inclusivity in the workplace. This past year our PAR Solutions business unit, led by Brittany Ba r th and Angela Silver, launch a Women’s ERG. The recent establishment of the Women’s ERG has united women across the company, facilitating collaborative learning in book clubs and storytelling sessions.

• •

Twins SOMOS (Hispanic/Latino)

• Twins on B.A.S.E. (Black/African American and Allies) • Twins W.I.N. (Women’s Initiative Network) “I love the fact that we get to embrace the unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that the B lack community brings!”

United Properties • UNITED Together

“I am most proud of how our committee has redefined what DEI education is at UP. We implemented experiential learning, which is the process of learning by doing. These experiences have proven invaluable in expanding empathy, broadening understanding, and driving positive change.”

Northmarq •

Emerging Professionals Group

“This ERG is fundamental as it was created for professionals who are in the early stages of their career to build a sense of community and belonging, and to support them through networking, establishing connections and ultimately paving the way for career opportunities.”

PAR Systems • Women’s ERG

“I am most proud of the subgroup that was created out of this ERG. We have what we’re calling the Young Women in STEM group at PAR. It started as a mentorship and community group for the younger, mostly early career women in engineering and program management.”

Rachel Resnick Senior Vice President, Human Resources PAR Systems


250 Nicollet Mall, Suite 600 Minneapolis, MN 55401 Tel (612) 661-3880 www.pohladcompanies.com

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