Resources for First Responders

Mothers Against Drunk Driving works closely with many emergency response professionals, such as law enforcement officers, social workers, crime victim advocates, funeral home directors, emergency medical services and other allied professionals to provide assistance to victims of drunk and drugged driving crashes. Just as MADD is impacted by the heartache of drunk and drugged driving, each of these allied professionals are forced to face trauma every day. At times, providing services to crime victims can have an effect both professionaly and personally. MADD created this brochure to help you as you assist those experiencing trauma. We also want to provide support and insight into what you as a service professional may have experienced or witnessed in your crucial role that may be affecting you now. ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR WORK MADD would like to acknowledge the determination and dedication that you provide to all of those you serve who are in crisis. Whether in a role of a professional preventing crime from occurring, or as a responder providing services to someone who is experiencing trauma, thank you for your dedicated service to the safety and welfare of our communities across the nation. MADD appreciates the time you spend away from your loved ones to protect and care for all of us.

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