Resources for First Responders

Working with Victims of Substance Impaired Driving

MADD provides free victim services to victims impacted by drunk and drugged driving crashes and underage drinking injuries or deaths. We help as long as victims and survivors need us. We can be there at the beginning of crash and for years after the criminal case. In some ways, we may be one of the only organizations for victims of substance impaired driving that isn’t limited by a timeline. MADD provides information and education about victim’s rights and the criminal justice process, help with finding financial or emotional resources, and advocacy to speak out for them when they want us to. MADD advocates are also usually able to spend a greater amount of time providing services to victims, as many officers and victim witness coordinators have large caseloads. Many victims and survivors have called MADD’s Victims Services a “lifeline” to people who care. Unfortunately many victims and survivors don’t know that MADD provides these services, which is why it’s so important to make them aware. If you, in your professional role, come in contact with a victim of drunk or drugged driving, or underage drinking, please consider providing them with the number to our 24-Hour Victim Help Line at 1-877-MADD-HELP ( 1-877-623-3435 ). They can reach us any time, day or night to talk with a MADD Victim Advocate.

Thank you once again for the diligent and important work that you do as you provide services to those who have experienced a traumatic event. MADD supports you in your role as an emergency responder, as you work with victims of substance impaired driving crashes as well as people experiencing other types of trauma.

Thank you!

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