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MY PHYSICAL THERAPY CONSTRUCTION JOURNEY FINDING MY PASSION AFTER CONSTRUCTION Growing up, I loved working in construction with my dad every summer. I thought I had my life planned out, but it's funny how one conversation can change things. During my senior year of high school, the dean asked me what I wanted to do after I graduated. When I told her I planned to work with my dad at his construction company, she invited me to explore physical therapy to see if it would interest me. So, as I read up on the industry, I began thinking, “That's it!” I saw how I could really help people get their lives back, which was a real motive for me. My dad was very supportive of my decision. He was happy I learned a trade but wanted me to go to college for something bigger. A cool day in the classroom studying had nothing on a day on the job site. While college wasn’t easy, I can’t thank my dad enough for the work ethic he instilled in me during those long summer days. I went to the University of Florida for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I couldn’t ask for a better college experience. It was so nice to be somewhere where everyone was trying to better themselves.

While at the University of Florida, I took four different internships. The one that changed the course of my career was with Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Destin, Florida. I learned the difference between exercise- based therapy and manual physical therapy and saw them both in action. With manual physical therapy, we put our hands on the patients, and we helped them get better, faster. We were treating the problems, not the symptoms. With exercise-based therapy, we treat where the pain is. If you have knee pain, exercise therapy works your knee through a variety of exercises. With manual physical therapy, we look at why you’re feeling that pain. It could be an issue with your opposite hip, so we work on the hip to relieve those knee problems. It's a unique way to look at physical therapy, and I continued learning about the technique even after college because they hired me upon graduation! Aaron Robbles then introduced me to functional therapy, a special form of manual therapy, which furthered my interest in the technique.

In October 2015, just after my wife and I moved back to Naples from Jacksonville, I opened my practice. Initially it was very stressful and definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. Six months later, I was finally gaining traction and building up a client base. Despite the stress, just knowing I could transform my clients’ lives made the entire experience worthwhile. I’m passionate about the work I do, but I’m also passionate about my clients. They work their whole lives and want to retire to do what they love to do. A lot of my clients are avid golfers, so when they get back pain, they can’t golf and feel lost. In my practice, I’m fulfilling the dream of that high school senior to help my clients get their lives back, so they can enjoy their passions.

–Jake Berman

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