Data Privacy & Security Service Digital Digest_Spring 2018

Data Privacy & Security Service

Issue 11

CYBERSECURITY EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS Cybersecurity encompasses the strategy, policy, and standards regarding the security of and operations in cyberspace, and the full range of threat reduction, incident response and recovery policies and activities. In today’s world, industry, governments, and educators are looking to introduce students to online security earlier in their K-12 careers in the hope of encouraging their continued academic study of the topic and their awareness of careers in the field. Weaving cybersecurity principles into core academic subjects allows students to troubleshoot and experience the management of cyberattacks in real time. Check out the articles below to see ideas involving incorporating cybersecurity into aspects of computer science, programming, circuitry and robotics. When Should Cybersecurity Education Start? Some Say Elementary School news3&M=58301069&U=1425207 Delaware turns to high schoolers to bolster cybersecurity workforce

District creates revolutionary computer science program for K-12 students

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 Cybersecurity Education in Schools  Girls Go CyberStart– Online Cyber- security Competition for Girls Page 2:  Spotlight: Cybersecurity Curriculum in BOCES Schools  Crash Course: Computer Science Courses on YouTube Page 3:  What Do Cyber Professionals Teach Children About Security Page 4:  Comptroller’s Corner  5 Tips to Protect PII in Schools  Cybercurriculum Resources Page 5:  Feature Interview on Fake News & News Literacy Page 6:  7 Ways to Spot Fake News  Here’s What Happens When Mom or Dad Steals Your Identity Page 7:  New Senate Bill Introduced to Hold Companies Accountable  New IRS Tax Scam with a Twist

The NYS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) has designed an innova- tive program to help educate and inspire the next generation of female cybersecu- rity professionals. Girls Go CyberStart is a free online cybersecurity competition for high school girls. It provides them with the opportunity to learn basic cyberse- curity skills and test their cyber aptitude in order to consider a career in cyberse- curity. Girls are exploring topics such as cryptography, penetration testing and dig- ital forensics through a series of fun and interactive challenges. Participants do not need prior cybersecurity knowledge or programming experience; all that is required is a computer and an Internet connection. This program is made possible through a partnership with the SANS Institute, which provides information security training and certifications across the globe. The 2018 challenge took place in February. For more information on future pro- grams, and eligibility requirements, visit the Girls Go CyberStart challenge website at . Questions?


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