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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Before an Injury Takes Its Toll

The time to think about your workers’ compensation rights is not after you’re injured. When you are injured or sick at work, your focus should be on healing and protecting your loved ones. You should not have to worry about paying medical bills and buying food, so it’s important you brush up on your rights before an injury happens. Workers’ compensation is an insurance program designed to aid workers who fall ill, get injured, or are incapacitated while working. (Traveling for work counts!) Your human resources department, or your office’s equivalent, should be able to provide you with a detailed outline of the plan your company has purchased to protect its employees, but you should understand the basics that apply to most employees. For starters, workers’ compensation covers your medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for a disability. Pain and suffering is not a recognized part of the program. Employees can be compensated for injuries that occurred as a result of their own negligence, but instances of drug or alcohol use, fighting, or misconduct do not qualify.

and file a claim. If your employer is uncooperative, an attorney can offer support to help you receive the payments you deserve. Attorneys also offer guidance during the initial claims process, which is especially crucial for independent contractors or employees covered by complex plans. The compensation payments you receive will not always cover a visit to a doctor, but it’s vitally important that you choose a doctor in your employer’s insurance network and provide the doctor with an accurate and thorough report of what occurred. This will be the basis for any future compensation. Once you return to work in a full capacity, workers’ compensation payments stop. If you return to work on an adjusted schedule, your worker’s compensation payments may be prorated accordingly. You will continue to receive workers’ compensation payments if you are terminated. Now’s the time to learn about your workers’ compensation rights! Inquire about these guidelines with your employer or request a discussion about your rights. To learn more about the process, visit our website at, and contact our team at 229- 888-0888 for help with your claim. We Value You! At the Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C., the trust we build with our clients is our most valuable asset. To show our appreciation, we would like to thank the following clients who have referred others to us since our December newsletter: Your recommendation is greatly treasured by everyone at our office. Clients can also leave their comments on our services through Google reviews ! These statements give us critical feedback and help other clients facing stressful life situations find dependable lawyers. Previous and current clients can also receive free notary services at our office. Learn more about this service by giving us a call at 229-888-0888. Eusebio Mitchell, Emily Harris, Jeffrey Lawson

You do not need to file a lawsuit in order to obtain workers’ compensation. Instead, you will have 30 days to report the accident

Valentine’s Day is all about love … and chocolate. Enjoy these chocolate peanut butter date truffles with your date this Valentine’s Day. Date Truffles

Ingredients •

1 lb medjool dates, pitted (about 1 1/2 cups)

• •

1/4 cup peanut butter 1 cup bittersweet or dark chocolate, chopped 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted

• •

1/2 tsp sea salt Warm water

Directions 1. Using a food processor, blend dates and sea salt until dough can be formed into a ball. Slowly add enough warm water to mixture to thicken dough. 2. Roll dough into tablespoon-sized balls. Freeze for 20–30 minutes. 3. In microwave, warm 1/4 cup peanut butter for 30 seconds, then drizzle peanut butter on top of balls. Freeze balls for another 20 minutes. 4. Meanwhile, in microwave, warm chocolate with coconut oil until melted. Stir well. 5. Coat balls in chocolate and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. 6. Top with additional salt and freeze for 30 minutes. Serve at room temperature.

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