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S i r Edward “Weary ” Dunlop Learn i ng Centre – Benal l a L i brary, v i c

The project outline The Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Learning Centre Benalla Library was the cornerstone of the Benalla Civic Centre Revitalization Project. It has trebled the public floor space, allowed for reading and study areas and provided staff with a workroom. A community meeting room is available outside normal business hours as well as a smaller interview room. The library is situated in such a location that the outlook takes in views of the lake and parkland.

outcome “Face-out display is maximized throughout the library, allowing the collection to be showcased.While some stacks are in the traditional layout, there has been oppor tunity to create special areas such as the DVD/audio stacks. Having the shelving on castors has meant that the reading area can easily be cleared for events, at very little effor t from staff. Interesting and comfor table furniture dispersed throughout the library creates a user-friendly atmosphere.”

Team at Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop Learning Centre Benalla Library.



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