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l i brary at Newport commun i t y hub , V i c

The project outline Newpor t Community Hub is a fully accessible, two storey building adjoining the fully renovated Newpor t Mechanics Hall. The library is the hear t of this building, linking Maternal and Child Health Services,Youth Services and meeting spaces for seniors to create a truly intergenerational environment.

outcome “The sundial layout around the campfire seating creates a striking view as you come down the stairs and into the library.The contrast of white and charcoal shelving means the collection and technology pop within the space. Low level shelving allows views out to the amphitheatre and park. Contrasting seating in plum and green gives the space a sophisticated look while the colour palette is bright and punchy in the children’s area.”

Joanne Smith, Library Services Coordinator

Credit - Hobsons Bay City Council



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