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The project outline The project was to design an integrated environment to be used across the disciplines of Science,Technology, Engineering, Ar t, Design and Mathematics.The goal was to achieve a 21st Century learning space, enabling creative thinking through an inspiring and stimulating learning environment. Raeco used a colourful and eclectic mix of furniture to suppor t the establishment of this flexible learning environment. Rokeby wanted a space allowing for collaborative teaching and learning, and for students to interact in a manner that relaxed traditional notions of what a classroom should be.

outcome “The result is an open, vibrant learning space where the disciplines of STEAM education come together and teacher and students are no longer isolated through physical space or traditional classroom formats. Students and staff alike are thrilled with the result and learning outcomes are already being enhanced. We have instantly become a key school in Tasmania for STEAM education through our unique approach to teaching pedagogy and our spaces have received accolades as an excellent example of a progressive and innovative learning environment.”

Gill Berriman, Principal

Architect - Tim Penney and Associates



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