Raeco Lookbook v3.0

The project outline

outcome “The Stage 3 Centre is designed to enable Stage based teaching; there is one class with 112 students and five or more teachers. The large open-plan space is differentiated primarily through furnishing, creating smaller areas for groups to experience individual work, collaborative work and direct instruction in groups from ten to 112 students. Rather than a highly-structured and regulated classroom that aims for compliance, this learning space aims for student engagement through the alignment of the furnished environment with the learning activity taking place.


The Learning Commons is intended to provide space for students to engage in self-directed, individual or collaborative work. Students are able to exercise agency in their choice of location and furniture, whether selecting an individual desk, a booth, a high table or a lounge. Flexibility is the key, enabling students to arrange their workspace in a way that facilitates the activity of the moment. The Commons provides an experience akin to contemporary ter tiary education facilities.

The new classrooms have been furnished with a priority on flexibility, mobility and variety. Swivel chairs, semi-circular and rectangular tables, and lounges are all able to be easily deployed in a variety of configurations, as best meets the pedagogical agenda of the lesson.”

Tim Bowden, Principal

Architect - NBRS Architecture



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