Raeco Lookbook v3.0

The project outline We wanted the oppor tunity to create both a community health library and a professional hub for local medical staff. The centre was to create an ambience of style and creativity to enhance the users’ experience with a series of interconnected spaces.

outcome “Thanks to the design exper tise of Raeco, our new library in a glass-encased, floating mezzanine floor of a nineteenth century heritage building, melds the old with the new, with grace and style. Natural light from the LED lights in the outside shell travels across the low-line, mobile shelving, allowing flexibility and clear line of sight across the whole library. On entering the space our clients gasp audibly before gravitating towards an area that suits them for the day. Double screen computers, comfor tably spaced along the perimeter benches, allow researchers to work efficiently, undisturbed by centralised activities. The shelves are interspersed with bright pink chairs, complementing the

barwon health , V i c

muted heritage colours. The custom-designed reference desk allows stand-up or sit-down reference with wheelchair access. Study booths in the learning lounge entice and enclose those who want privacy for informal peer teaching. It is all about functionality with elegance, and through Raeco we’ve achieved a fine balance.”

Anne Ritchie, Director Library & Literacy, Barwon Health

Architect - Daryl Relchen Architecture



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