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Assumpt i on col lege , V i c

The project outline The development of the Fouviere Centre enables ACK to provide a specialized learning environment for young men and women inYears 11 and 12, who are growing in independence and personal responsibility. As students enter their final phase of their secondary schooling, this centre should facilitate responsible decision-making and preparation for the less- structured world of ter tiary study and the workplace. The original convent structure, the former Sisters of Mercy Building (Shandon House) and the cloisters have cultural heritage significance for their association with early development of the religious teaching orders in Australia. These buildings form the historic core of Assumption College and have been identified as being of historic and architectural significance to Kilmore and the region.

Outcome The design has carefully removed many of the 1980s extensions and exposed the original cloisters and heritage building, which formerly housed the College student boarding facilities.The facility will now create a centrepiece for senior learning at Assumption College. The strength of the original architecture, combined with the cloisters and the historical connections this building has to the College, firmly grounds the underlying principles of senior learning in a firm reverence of tradition and pride. A sophisticated and adult environment will provide the foundations and hunger for lifelong learning.

Architect - Y2 Architecture



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