Raeco Lookbook v3.0

dudley denny c i t y l i brary, qld

The project outline The Dudley Denny City Library wanted to create a modern space, designed and re-engineered to suit the library’s specific needs. Raeco worked closely with the customer and the architects they engaged to create a flow which showcased their collection.“Chill zones”were vitally impor tant.The library wanted to create an area where people felt comfor table in a modern space without losing the heritage feel of the building.

outcome The building called “The Dome” was given to the council so there was a huge impor tance to preserve the heritage of the building while conver ting the top floor into a library. Raeco provided all the shelving to suit the library’s specific needs and some contemporary furniture, assisting the team at Dudley Denny City Library to create a modern yet agile space that they are proud of. Raeco relocated all the books from the first location to the new premises, once the project was completed and since the refurbishment the library has seen an increase in customer numbers.



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