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The project outline


Albertus Magnus L i brary S i ena col lege , V i c

The Siena College Library was totally refurbished as part of a major building project at Siena College. A new three storey building was built at the rear of the school and the back of the library building late in 2014. The concept for the new facility was to bring all of the student services together in an attractive and multi-functional area on the ground floor. The challenges in designing the new library were to create separate learning zones for use by multiple classes, to manage the noise levels across the various learning spaces and to ensure that all of the fittings and furniture could be reconfigured easily for College functions.The furniture in the building is attractive, comfortable and totally flexible. All of the shelves and tables are on wheels so that the space can be reconfigured as required. The shelves are low to maximize the feeling of space in the area and wooden end panels add to the attractiveness of the space. Padded comfortable lounge chairs make the reading area a comfortable place for extended reading by students. nd w ooden end panels add to the attractiveness of the space.

“TheAlber tus Magnus Library is a comfor table, attractive and flexible space that is well-used and enjoyed by the College community.The computer lab has been a popular area for student researchers in class time, and is a homework hub before school, after school and in the recess and lunchtime breaks. The Classroom is a hub for students who are studying for tests and examinations, and is a quieter space for serious study.The Reading Area has been a popular and comfor table space in breaks for students, and a wide reading centre in class time.The various zones have been used as community gathering places and learning centres by students and staff alike. The rear zones have doubled as a foyer for school events, a venue for various functions and as a Green Room for drama and music performances. Students, staff and parents have enjoyed gathering, reading, relaxing and learning in the Library environment.”



Vicki Hudson - Head of Information Services, Siena College

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